Torch Applied SBS APP Modified Bitumen Waterproofing Membranes for Buildings Construction

Product Details

Modified bitumen waterproof membrane




Size / roll

Width: 100cm
Length: 8m / 10m / 15m..(normal is 10m per roll)


Fiberglass type / Polyester type ..

Top Surface

PE film/Granules/Sand/Aluminum film...


1) High Impermeability ,high tensile strength, high extension coefficient  good dimensional stability, adopting shocking well to substratum  contraction deformation and crack.

2)puncture resistance,tear resistance, corrosion resistance, mildew resistance, good weather ability.

3)Good property of resistance high and low temperature. SBS is suitable for  the lower temperature environment but APP for the higher temperature environment.

4)Perfect durability, long life span up to 30--50 years.

5)Either heating and melting method or cold adhesive method, either single or multiple layer.

6)Neither dripping in high temperature nor breaking in low temperature, no pollution to environment and convenient installation.

Package and transportation:

1. Membranes should be stored under dry and ventilated conditions.

2. Different types of membranes must be piled separately.

3. Under usual condition, storage period is one year since production date.

4. Membrane roll should be put vertically during transportation. It should be kept away from sunshine and rainwater. the height less than 2 layers.

Modified Bitumen Membrane Loading:


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