1.2mm 1.5mm 2.0mm PVC Membrane Used In Roofing Or Other Uses with White or Grey or Other Color

Product Details

CH- PVC Waterproofing Membrane

CH- PVC waterproofing membrane is an excellent high-quality polymer waterproof sheet, made of PVC resin by adding plasticizer, anti-UV agent, anti-aging agent, and stabilizer and other processing aids through extrusion and molding. As the highly-recommended product by the Ministry of Construction, it is featured by high tensile strength, great elongation, good stability, small shrinkage, low-temperature performances, good resistance to weathering and root penetration, and long service life. 



● Long service life and weathering resistance; and the materials can be used for 30 years on the roof and 50 years underground.
● High tensile strength, great elongation, and small size change during heat treatment.
● Good low temperature flexibility and adaptability to environmental temperature changes.
● Good resistance to root penetration. It can be made for green roofs.
● Excellent resistance to puncture and impact.
● Convenient for construction (can be welded), solid and reliable, and eco-friendly.
● Strong resistance to chemical corrosion, suitable for special occasions.
● Good plasticity, convenient and quick corner detail treatment. Easy maintenance and low cost.
● After 2,000 hours of manual weathering verification.


1. High tension, perfect elongation to resist the stretching or cracking of the foot layer.
2. Perfect jointing, It can be fused with base as a whole after heating the jointing by hot wind.
3. High permeability, chilling material and moisture can be expelled easily.
3. High aging resistance, UV resistance, corrosion resistance and erosion resistance.
4. Good cold flexibility and heat resistance

Scope of Application:
1. The waterproofing of the Industrial or civil construction's roof, including the planting roof, flat roof, sloping roof.
2. Waterproofing of the underground building: Including reservoirs, dams, canals, and all parts of the basement water seepage.
3. Tunnel, granary, civil air defense projects, garbage landfills, and other man-made lake.

Operation points:
Generally, heat the jointing with the hot air or electric heating with hot air or welding by electricity. Waterproof construction of complex parts can be used matching PVC special accessories.



1.Do not put the membrane on a pollution, water and ice ground.

2.Construction of waterproof layer operations can't be crossed, device shall be installed on the waterproof layer, parts should be done to strengthen the basis of device and to take protective measures.

3.Do not touch the waterproof layer with thorn sharp objects after it's has been completed, don't put sundries or any additional buildings above the waterproof layer to avoid damaging it.

PVC Waterproof Membrane Show and Application:




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