Antiroot Waterproofing SBS APP Modified Bitumen Membranes for Roof Gardening

Product Details

Product details

Polymer modified bitumen root puncture resistant waterproof membrane is a waterproof membrane which has excellent root resistance performance. It used sheet copper or polyester fiber as base and adding chemical root resistance agent into SBS/APP modified bitumen, regard it as coating materials, then regard polyethylene film, fine sand or mineral grains materials. Besides good water resistance performance, our product also has excellent root resistance performance, it can prevent plant roots penetrating into the waterproof layer, which ensures the useful life of waterproof layer of waterproof material.


1. The double function of waterproof and resistance the plant root.

2. High strength waterproof layer, excellent comprehensive ability, and resistance to piercing.

3. High tensile strength and elongation rate, highly flexibility at low temperature.

4. Environment friendly and energy saving for no need to use solvent and fuel when working.

5. Superior in resistance to both low and high temperature performance, cold heat area is all applicable.

6. Resistance to mold, weathering and corrosion.

7. The melt method construction, construction is convenient and reliable durable thermal juncture.


The application scope

1. Planted roof.

2. Greening underground building roof.

3. Can make sure that the plant root would not damage the structure of the parts under plants and stop the water flowing.

4. Used for roof construction for roof construction, subway, bridges, channel tunnel, planted roof, waterproof and drainage system, pools, dam, irrigation system, light steel roof and so on.


Root Puncture Resistant Waterproof Membrane Show and Application:

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