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Waterproof Membrane Matrix Formation

Aug 03, 2017

Waterproof Membrane Matrix formation

Waterproof membrane manufacturers of the basic surface treatment and cushion construction

  Waterproof film manufacturers and the choice of bedding layer flatness, materials allow tensile stress and so have a great relationship, then its base surface treatment and cushion construction should pay attention to what?

  Waterproof membrane manufacturers in the basic surface treatment, the formation of the mattress surface laying surface requirements of the formation of solid, solid soil, not rugged, cracks, etc., can not have sharp objects, stones, wire, sticks, anti-seepage within the turf, The roots should be cleared, and weeds are to be sprayed for weeds.

   In the construction of the cushion, the cushion shall be constructed with other rockfill bodies, requiring the bedding slope to be flat and compact. The slope deviation from the design slope line should not exceed 3 ~ 5cm, the relative cushioning material Density of not less than 0.80.

  Waterproof layer of the lower part of the construction method of the manufacturer is, along the slope up and down without vibration rolling several times, then the prominent and depression to be flat, and then use the vibration grinding along the slope from the bottom up with vibration several times, Again on the bumps were flat. Waterproof membrane has a more robust effect of the project, in a sense, impervious geotextile applied to water conservancy projects can reduce the impact of natural disasters on the project.

Anti-seepage geotextile is made of polymer and asphalt impermeable film, the traditional impermeable geotextile with polyethylene PE, PVC PVC, asphalt glass cloth linoleum and so on. Practice has shown that as long as the seepage control geotextile seam is handled properly, the construction quality is guaranteed, the membrane material impermeable channel can generally reduce the leakage loss 90% ~ 95% This shows that the use of impervious geomembrane water conservancy project will not make the foundation Excessive scouring.

Waterproof membrane to adapt to the deformation of the strong. Has a very good flexibility and plasticity, due to the ability of anti-seepage geotextile resistance to strain, so the temperature changes, frost heave, the basis of uneven settlement caused by deformation adaptability. This is the protection of the stability of the project home. Especially in the north of the larger deformation of frozen area, the effect is ideal. Strong corrosion resistance. The impervious geotextile has a good resistance to bacterial damage and chemical properties, and is generally not attacked by acids, alkalis and microbes, and is particularly suitable for corrosive hydrogeological conditions and salinized areas. As the saying goes: thousands of miles of dike destroyed in the nest. In the technically developed today, the use of impervious geotextile, but also effectively changed the phenomenon. 1. When the water from the fine soil into the coarse soil layer, the use of geotextiles good permeability and water permeability, so that water through, and effectively carrying soil particles, sand, small stone, etc., to maintain water and soil engineering The stability.

 2. Geotextile has a good water conductivity, it can form a drainage channel within the soil, the soil structure of the excess liquid and gas efflux.

 3. When the water is washed on the soil, the geotextile effectively concentrates the stress, spreads or decomposes to prevent the soil from being destroyed by external force, which protects the soil.