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Waterproof Membrane Carry The Lunch

Sep 07, 2017

Waterproof Membrane Carry the lunch

Waterproof film universal application

Waterproof film has a wide range of applications, widely used in the life of the drip, in the same green play a vital role in the waterproof membrane used in slopes, high slope and three-dimensional green, the East Environmental Protection

  Waterproof film products not only have a certain anti-seepage performance, more importantly, can play a role in protecting the ecological environment, geomembrane is a new green goods, it is light weight, easy to transport, easy to build and other advantages.

  Waterproof film is one or both sides of the film through the oven far infrared heating, the geotextile and geomembrane through the guide roller together to form a geomembrane. Geotextile as a protective layer of geomembrane, so that the protection of impermeable layer is not damaged In order to reduce the UV radiation, increase the anti - aging properties, it is best to use the laying method.

  Waterproof film is applied to the greening of three-dimensional, slope and high slope so that the moisture can flow to each other in the soil of the bag and the bag, which is the moisture that the vegetation needs in the long loss, and will never be caused by rain or watering Fruit or soil and water loss, Moreover, the geomembrane for the eternal plants need a realistic seeding block, permeable soil, grass can grow from the outside can also grow in the name, for the vegetation is very good, the vegetation roots in the bag and bag Between the self-growth, the roots of each waterproof film into a solid, built into a solid ecological slope forever.

  Ecological slope protection engineering system is the adoption of soft materials building flexible slope, retaining walls, and complete the reservoir, slope of the flat green, the real performance of the project to build the Southern District of the conservation, energy, life, will take a deep breath of ecological green The project does not need high energy consumption, high pollution steel, lime, stone and other hardware materials, can also be used for vertical or near the vertical pen steep rock slope, row ditch and reservoir repair.

  To the majority of customers to inquire we will be high quality services to ask you to provide protection for the future development of our waterproof film products will meet your needs! Look forward to our customers come to order our waterproof film products.

    First of all, the waterproof membrane has a good permeability and water permeability, so that water flow through, so as to effectively remove the sand loss;

        In addition, in addition to the permeability and water permeability, there is a particularly good water conductivity, it can make the formation of drainage within the soil channel, the soil structure of the excess liquid and gas efflux! High permeability - in the soil under the pressure of water, can still maintain a good water permeability; mesh is not easy to plug - due to the formation of amorphous fiber structure of the network structure has strain and movement; waterproof film will focus on the effective diffusion, Transfer or decomposition, to prevent the soil by external forces and damage.