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Waterproof Membrane Anti-seepage Waterproof Film Excellent

Aug 15, 2017

Waterproof Membrane Anti-seepage waterproof film excellent

Waterproof membrane with outstanding water can also have excellent waterproof ability of course, its drainage is also good. The following anti-seepage waterproof film manufacturers introduced anti-seepage waterproof membrane of the four major advantages:

    Advantages of anti - seepage waterproofing film

    Anti-aging can be strong, the practice of a single geotechnical data can not do each other to support each other, waterproof and waterproof membrane two kinds of substrate waterproof film, geomembrane support each other complementary advantages, making the two kinds of information has a stronger anti-aging ability.

Anti - seepage waterproof film advantage 2

Extension works life. A single membrane waterproof will be affected by the temperature and the impact of the impact of twisting, waterproof layer damage quickly, but waterproof waterproof membrane with a waterproof film as a maintenance layer, both insulation and compression, greatly enhanced waterproof and waterproof film use time, number.

Anti - seepage waterproof film advantage 3

Construction convenience. In the absence of waterproof and waterproof film before the laying of geomembrane have to lay the waterproof film from scratch as a maintenance, but the waterproof and waterproof film laying can be completed again, greatly reducing the labor costs, shortening the duration

Anti - seepage waterproof film advantage 4

Waterproof and waterproof film for the waterproof film, composite geomembrane goods, merchandise function is excellent, much stronger than a single waterproof film, geomembrane products, waterproof and waterproof film conflict coefficient, tensile, tear resistance, puncture can be very strong

  Composite geomembrane is divided into a cloth and a film and two cloth a film, wide 4-6m, the component is 200-1500g / square meter, tensile, tear, broken and other physical and mechanical functions of high indicators of high strength , Extension function is better, deformation modulus, Naisuan Jian, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-seepage function and so on. Can meet the water conservancy, municipal, construction, transportation, subway, tunnel, engineering construction in the seepage, blocking, reinforcement, anti-cracking reinforcement and other civil engineering needs. Because of its choice of polymer materials and the production process added anti-aging agent, it can be used in non-conventional temperature environment.

    Commonly used in dike, drainage ditch of the anti-seepage treatment, and waste field of anti-fouling treatment. The use of composite geomembrane problem, mainly by the plastic film is not lost the effect of seepage barrier, and thus the use of composite geomembrane enough to meet the requirements of the application of dam seepage requirements. Protective layer of soil materials must use ramming dense, to ensure that the dry capacity of more than 1.5, and at any time sampling inspection. Backfill protection layer and masonry block stone face, must be light to avoid breaking the geomembrane. Under the stone surface, should be filled with 100mm thick gravel or gravel cushion, in order to avoid changes in water level, wind and other factors and the impact of brushing soil protection layer. Dry blocks of stone to adopt artificial hanging paved, the stones should be tightly embedded, surface blocks of stone individual components should be greater than 48kg, and HDPE geomembrane all open space are filled with small pieces of stone.