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Waterproof Membrane Anti-aging Properties

Oct 12, 2017

Waterproof Membrane Anti-aging properties

Waterproof film with high tensile strength, low elongation, vertical and horizontal deformation uniformity, high tear strength, excellent wear resistance, strong water barrier. Waterproof film prices are not the same manufacturers, the following by Xiaobian to tell you about the quality of waterproof membrane physical properties.

1, set anti-seepage and drainage in one, at the same time with isolation and reinforcement and other functions.

2, high strength, peel strength, high anti-puncture strength.

3, drainage capacity, friction coefficient, linear expansion coefficient is small.

4, anti-aging performance, to adapt to the ambient temperature range, quality and stability. Waterproof film prices due to material and technology at different prices are not the same. Waterproof membrane treatment of sewage when the waterproof membrane in the long-term invasion of the bubble to ensure that no corrosion, no aging, to achieve the desired effect to prevent the impact of sewage leakage Human environment to protect the earth green, seepage of water to solve the quality of livelihood, this is the waterproof membrane Play the most important role. Waterproof film should be green and environmentally friendly building materials should ensure that the construction process of environmental protection.

1, construction and living garbage centralized storage point, regular clearance, set up a special person to clean the construction site, responsible for ensuring the scene clean and health work.

2, stacked in the field of earth, must cover the plastic sheet, to prevent the generation of dust.

3, to reduce the night construction time, reduce the impact on the surrounding residents living.

4, the construction of the vehicle entrances and exits arrangements for cleaning work, and equipped with sprinkler regular sprinkler, reducing dust on the atmosphere caused by pollution. Waterproof film as a new type of material, waterproof membrane has excellent anti-seepage, corrosion resistance, chemical stability, and therefore widely used in all walks of life, because the production technology and materials are different waterproof membrane prices are not the same different The The following is to tell you about the use of waterproof membrane and other related knowledge.

Waterproof membrane can be used according to the actual engineering needs of the processing characteristics and functions, waterproof membrane has been widely used in water conservancy projects dike, dam, reservoir seepage, while waterproof membrane is also channels, reservoirs, sewage pool, swimming pool, housing Construction, underground buildings, garbage dumps, environmental engineering and other aspects as anti-seepage, anti-corrosion, leak-proof, moisture-proof materials. Waterproof film is the rise of the eighties a new synthetic geotextile waterproof material, it is used in environmental protection projects, it can play an important role.

Waterproof membrane with ordinary waterproof material can not match the anti-seepage effect, its excellent chemical stability, high and low temperature resistance, asphalt, oil and tar, acid and alkali, and corrosion resistance and other properties. And it also has excellent anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, anti-decomposition ability of the characteristics, and can be exposed to use, the material life of up to 50 - 70 years. In addition, because HDPE waterproof film has high strength anti-tensile mechanical, and waterproof membrane with high permeability coefficient, high strength chemical stability, anti-aging performance and strong resistance to plant roots, so that it has been widely applied to environmental protection In, and played a great role.