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Self-Adhesive Waterproofing Membrane

Apr 29, 2018

Self-Adhesive Waterproofing Membrane Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Type:Waterproof Roll Material

  • Material:PP

  • HS Code:6807100090

Product Description

Self adhesive bitumen waterproofing membrane
It is made of SBS elastomerand and bitumen as basic material. Polyethylene film, aluminium foil as surface finished material.
The thickness has: 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm and so on

1. Self adhesion without bonding agent and torching.
2. Good rubber elasticity and elongation
3. Excellent binding power
4. Good self-coalescence
5. Safe application, no pollution
6. Excellent waterproof and high strength
7. Corrosion resistance and ageing-resistance