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Self- Adhesive Sbs Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane for Roof

Mar 14, 2018

Self- Adhesive Sbs Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane for Roof Basic Info

  • Model NO.: HRT

  • Ceiling Tile Shape: Roll

  • Thickness: 3.0mm

  • Surface Treatment: Film Coated

  • Self Adhesive Bitumen Waterproof Roll Certification: ISO

  • Usage: Outdoor

  • Width in Roll: 1 M

  • Origin: China

  • Type: Waterproof Roll Material

  • Self Adhesive Bitumen Waterproof Roll Material: Plastic

  • Ceiling Tile Type: Fiberglass Ceilings

  • Function: Waterproof

  • Color: Black

  • Feature: Low Temperature Application

  • Length in Roll: 7.5m, 10m, 15m

  • Self Adhesive Bitumen Waterproof Roll Specification: 2- 4 mm

  • HS Code: 39219090

Self- Adhesive Sbs Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane for Roof Product Description

Width: 1m
Length/roll: 7.5m/10m/15m or as your need.
Surface: PE film/Granules/Sand...
A) SBS modified bitumen waterproof membrane is specially used as waterproof material in cold area
B) APP is specially suitable for areas of high temperature and of strong sun-shine
SBS/APP Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane
C)Good performance in Good impermeability, anti-puncture, anti-broker, anti-resistance, anti-erosion, anti-mildew, anti-weathering
D)Possess good tensile strength, elongation rate and size stability which could be well suited the substrate distortion and crack

Self- Adhesive Sbs Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane for Roof Applicable scope:
Suitable for civil building roofing, underground, bridge, parking, pool, tunnel in the line of waterproofing and dampproof, especially for
The building under high temperature. According the roofing engineering stipulation, APP modified bitumen membrane could be used in the
Grade I civil building and industrial building which has special waterproofing requirement

There are two methods in application:
A) One way is by heating and melting method. Heat the polyethylene film of the membrane and roof deck surface by heating and melting
Method to be nearly melted (not flowing), then install the membrane filly bonded to the roof deck with overlaps of 5-10cm.
B) The other way is by cold adhesive method. Pour the cold adhesive homogeneously on the roof deck, then roll the membrane to install it to be fully sticked to roof deck.
By heating and melting method and by cold adhesive can be used in alternation in application as requested.
C)After application, a full serious inspection is required to sure no air bubble, no falling away. Etc. To guarantee the waterproof life.

Requirements for construction:
1. The base should be dry and clean. Do not work in the rainy or snowy day.
2. Do not work under heavy wind(above 5 grade)
3. Unsuitable for construction below 5° C
4. If it is rain or snow in the process of construction, protective measure to the laid membrane is must.
5. All the workers should put on special uniforms to keep safe when installing. There should be equipments for fire controls.

Self- Adhesive Sbs Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane for Roof Construction:
The special formulation of fire enables the membrane to be applied directly with primer. This application is named as "Torched on application".

1. Base processing: The base surface musts be clean, solid, level, dry; No grit, rift and loosing dust. For a large recess, fill it with cement mortar and
Then level it. Remove the protrusion and clean dust If working on base slab or lateral face, water lowering should be done.
2. Painting primer before laying the membrane, clean the dust on the surface of concrete base with dust catcher or dust-blower; Then paint entirely
With treatment agent of DY primer for waterproofing(for purpose of dust consolidation and high adhesive effect).
3. Heat to melt: Place membrane correctly, fire torch, heat the membrane with base entirely, when the surface of the membrane is black and bright
With a fusion layer, apply the membrane and press it into a solid and flat state. Before the membrane is cool, seal the edge of joint by float.
4. Requirements for lapping: There should be less than 3 layers of lapping, with the joint seams appearing as"T" type, avoid 4 layers of lapping. The
Width of longitudinal lapping is between 50 and 80mm, and of end-lap joint 100mm
5. Use a roller to push hard the membrane surface to ensure it stick firmly.

1 Soluble content g/square meter 2mm --- 1300
3mm 2100
4mm 2900
2 Impermeability Pressure  . Mpa ≤ 0.3 0.2 0.3
Keeping time. min ≤ 30
3 Heat resistance, C 110 130 110 130
no slippering, no flowing ,no dripping
4 Tension,N/50mm ≥ Longitudinal 450 800 350 500
transverse 250 300
5 Fracture elongation, %≥ Longitudinal 25 40 ---
6 Cold flexibility, C -5 -15 -5 -15
No crack
7 Tear resistance,
Longitudinal 250 350 250 350
transverse 170 200
8 Phytotrons accelerating ageing Appearance First lass
Tension keeping %≥ Longitudinal no slipping, no flowing ,no dripping
-3 -10 -3 -10
Cold flexibility, C No crack

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