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Self-Adhesive Bitumen Waterproof Membrane

Dec 08, 2017

Self-Adhesive Bitumen Waterproof Membrane Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Type:Waterproof Roll Material

  • Ceiling Tile Shape:Roll

  • Material:Sbs Elastomer and Bitumen

  • Thickness:2.0mm

  • Self Adhesive Bitumen Waterproof Roll Ceiling Tile Type:Roof

  • Surface Treatment:Roll Coated

  • Function:Waterproof

  • Certification:ISO, CE

  • Self Adhesive Bitumen Waterproof Roll Color:Black

  • Usage:Outdoor

  • Thickness Range:1.2mm-4mm

  • Self Adhesive Bitumen Waterproof Roll Width:1m/2m

  • Roll Length:10m/15m20m

  • Application:Waterproof and Damp Proof

  • Self Adhesive Bitumen Waterproof Roll Specification:ISO9001, ISO14001, CE

  • Origin:Shandong, China

Self-Adhesive Bitumen Waterproof Membrane Product Description

The product is produced with SBS elastomer and bitumen as raw materials,using polyethylene film,aluminum foil coated on the upward or no file(both side self-adhesive) while self-adhesive protection layer on the downward surface.It has a widely prospect new construction waterproof materials. It has such properties as good self-adhesion,no leaking,cold flexibility,especially in self-adhesion. That is unique in waterproof and application.
Self-Adhesive Bitumen Waterproof Membrane Advantage:
1.Self adhesive without bonding agent and torching
2.Good rubber elasticity and elongation
3.Excellent binding power
4.Good self-coalescence
5.Safe application, no pollution
6.Excellent waterproof and high strength
7.Available for wet ground
Self-Adhesive Bitumen Waterproof Membrane Usage:
It is widely used for the waterproof and damp proof of the roofs, basements, swimming pool, tunnels,etc of industry and house building, and the waterproofing of wooden and metal structure roof. The fire is strictly forbidden.

Performance (Standard GB23441-2009)

1Tensile propertyTensile force(N/50mm) ≥2.0mm350
Elongation at strength, % ≥3040
2Heat resistance,  oCno flowing, no slipping, no dripping
3Cold flexibility,  oC-20-30
no crack
4Water impermeability0.3MPa,120min,water resistant
5Heating ageingElongation at strength, % ≥3040
Cold flexibility,  oC-18-28
no crack
Change in size, % ≤1.51


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