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Sbs/APP Bitumen Waterproof Membrane Production Line

Aug 10, 2017

Sbs/APP Bitumen Waterproof Membrane Production Line Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:HT-8000

  • HS Code:8401200000

Sbs/APP Bitumen Waterproof Membrane Production Line Product Description

SBS/APP bitumen waterproof membrane production line
Modified bitumen waterproofing membrane is widely used in industrial and civil buildings, such as roof, basement, toilet, bridge, park, swimming pool, tunnel for waterproof and moistureprof. Bitumen is a hydrocarbon and is created naturally from crude oil. It is a useful carbon store and does not generate greenhouse gases. The membrane is therefore a sustainable way of storing carbon on the Earth's surface.
Working principle
The whole working principle can be divided into 3 steps.
1.To mix the bitumen,rubber powder , talcum powder , enginee oil and some other raw materials via mixing tanks(the mixing tank should be kept warm by conduction oil).The finished mixtures can be called bituminous mixtures .
2.The bituminous mixtures will be delivered into coating pools.Then the base material(reinforcement ) will be coated with the bituminous mixtures.At last ,the coated reinforcement will be covered by PE film or sand or other materials.At that time ,the bitumen membrane preliminary forming.
3.The finished products will be cooled by water and air,then be rolled by auto winder.

Sbs/APP Bitumen Waterproof Membrane Production Line Technical parameters

The whole parts of the modified bitumen waterproof membrane line
1.Reinforcement unwinding device
This is a device with double working positions which feeding the reinforcement pneumatically and electrically.
2.Reinforcement splicting device
By means of double sides pressing board ,the device press the material on one side,daubs chemical glue on the material on the other side,which makes the materials mixed together automatically and reduces the devices the defective goods rate because of reinforcement joints to the greatest extent.
3.Reinforcement storing and drying device
No need to stop the operation while reinforcement jointing it,releases and dry reinforcement automatically ,reinforcement auto rectifying and intermediate feed device it adjusts the trend of reinforcement by means of photo electricity .Intermediate feed makes the equipment more humanized.
The foundation dryer uses the drum type heat conduction oil heating, uses in to dry in the embryo foundation the moisture and preheat the tire cloth.
4.Central aligner 
This device adopts the technology of photo electricity auto rectifying to ensure the trend of roll in the operation of the equipment,which makes the membrane produced winder tidy and beautiful.
5.Recoating and tension control device
Extrusion by cylinder,asphalt coating roll impregnation(immersion oil roller,) can be adjusted up-down.It adopts unique reinforcement tension control.
6.Asphalt coating device 
Coating asphalt twice can adjust the position of reinforcement in the coiled material, meanwhile it can ensure the Construction performance of the coiled material. The immersion oil roller,an regulate up and down by electronic,the advanced asphalt coating roller.
Electronic datas show the thickness,under the control of accurate electronic device, it can master the exact thickness of coiled material.During each class production,the rest few materials can be reuse.The flue gas environmental protection system of preimpregnated asphalt coating adopt closed overall frame form which use the method of ejecting smoke in petticoat pipe and absorbing smoke outside.
7.Sbs/APP Bitumen Waterproof Membrane Production Line Sand-scattering device
This set of device adopts the technology of automatic tracking and rectifying sanding ,which reduces the waste of sand to the greatest extent.
8.Filming and thickness-measuring device 
Through the filming adjusting equipment, we can regulate the positions of the coiled material and membrane optionally, which makes the membrane move in the trend of oiled material all the time.The advantage of device is reducing the defective goods produced by filming and the power-driven lifting technology can save manpower in the filming process.
9.Sand-pressing with uspending cooling device
Suspending and cooling device extended 10-15 meters which speed up the cooling to a certain extent. Advanced thickness measurement device detects the products quality to ensure the thickness of the stability and products` high quality.
10.Cooling and embossing device
With rational distribution of the unique large frame design and the multiple-unit cold steel.Make the coiled material cooling get the best effect.The two embossing make the coiled material surface more beautiful.
11.Reinforcement storing and drying device 
This device is featured with function of anti-skid and security alarm,large storage capacity.It keeps drawing,bouncing and convoleving continuous.
12.Drawing-spring device
The greatest extent educing roll on the volume of the rally,complementary product storage and automatic volume of the results.
13.Auto Rewinder
The frequency computer programming,touch screen synchronization control.Automatic sent automatically,count,Japan,all bearing tape, and Japan, turn volume.The airport is operating diversified features. In the normal operation to select automatic cycle, step by step,manually operated a series. Automatic volume of opportunities to meet production volume of production lines.
14.Mixing-weighing system
15.Storage tank 
The ingredients can be made with good raw material in the horizontal mix storage tanks to save the max. The delay of ingredients , the raw materials temperature better control,and greatly save outer space layout.
16.Powder-conveying system
17.Fume treatment system
18.Heating with boiler system

Q1: Do you use a specific provider for raw materials?
?Yes,we can offer raw materials for you,however, our customers can buy ram materials in their market.?
Q2: How long is the working life of your machine?
?The working life is over 15 years and the warranty is 1 year.?
Q3: What is your technological service?
? We will send our engineers to our customer's factory to adjust machines until our
customer can operate them.?
Q4:Have you some videos where we can see the line producing?
?Yes, we can provide some videos making our customers pleased.

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