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SBS APP Modified Bitumen Membrane Production Line Physical And Mechanical Properties Of The Coil

Jun 14, 2017

SBS APP Modified Bitumen Membrane Production Line Physical and mechanical properties of the coil

According to the different carcass material, divided into polyester felt, fiberglass and glass fiber reinforced polyester felt.

According to the physical and mechanical properties of the coil are divided into type Ⅰ and Ⅱ type.

According to the surface insulation material is divided into polyethylene film (PE), fine sand (S) and mineral particles (tablets) material (M) three.

Related standard editor

4.1 Product implementation standards:

GB18243-2008 "plastic modified asphalt waterproofing membrane"

4.2 Design and construction specifications:

GB50108-2008 "underground engineering waterproof technical specifications"

GB50208-2011 "Underground waterproofing project quality acceptance"

GB50345-2012 "Roofing Engineering Technical Specification"

GB50207-2012 "Roofing Engineering Quality Acceptance Specification"

GB50300-2013 "Construction Engineering Quality Acceptance Standard"

Construction method editor

Hot melt or cold sticky.

Product comparison editor

Compared with SBS modified asphalt waterproofing membrane, APP modified asphalt waterproofing membrane has better high temperature performance, more suitable for hot areas.

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1,type polyester tire or glass fiber tire modified asphalt waterproofing membrane PET higher heat resistance, but low temperature flexibility is poor. Suitable for non-cold areas for general construction works of the roof waterproof layer. The waterproofing material of the upper surface material of polyethylene film or fine sand shall not be exposed.

2,type polyester tire modified PET asphalt waterproofing membrane, with a large pull, high elongation, heat resistance and good low temperature flexibility and so on. Applicable to the general and relatively cold or more hot areas, waterproof level for the I, Ⅱ, Ⅲ level roof waterproofing works.

3,type fiberglass fetal APP modified asphalt waterproofing membrane tension is higher, dimensional stability and heat resistance, good, but no elongation. Suitable for general and relatively cold areas and stable structure of the general engineering roof or underground waterproofing works.

4, glass fiber reinforced polyester felt coil can be used for mechanical fixed single layer waterproof, but through the wind load test.

5, membrane and coating composite use should be compatible, and should be placed on top of the coating; coil and waterproof mortar composite use should be placed under the waterproof mortar.