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Jan 21, 2017


Put common of asphalt volume material two layer Layer collection and single layer modified sex asphalt volume material for compared, modified sex volume material of extends rate and tear strength are has larger improve (see table 2), and tensile strength also needed further modified sex, with temperature of reduced, modified sex asphalt volume material performance basic not by effect, and asphalt volume material of extends rate obviously declined, performance out low temperature brittle of determine.

2, the adaptability of the substrate cracking in basement cracks and temperature drop cases, modified asphalt coiled material's adaptability to high (see table 3)

3, low temperature flexibility

Normal asphalt at low temperatures flexible below 5 deg c just doesn't measure up, as APP or SBS modified bitumen membrane at low temperatures flexible modification effect is particularly significant. (See table 4)

4, artificial aging

With Sun-artificial weathering apparatus of three substrates were aging test (determination of the softening point), the asphalt after 1000h ageing begin to harden, 2000h after the aging completely brittle and APP modified asphalt material is very small, basically did not change by 2000h test, remained the softening point, SBS modified asphalt in between.