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Polymer Polypropylene Composite Waterproof Membrane

Aug 11, 2017

Polymer Polypropylene Composite Waterproof Membrane Basic Info

  • Model NO.: ordinary1.0mmpolyester

  • Ceiling Tile Shape: Roll

  • Thickness: 1.0mm

  • Surface Treatment: Roll Coated

  • Certification: ISO

  • Usage: Outdoor

  • Service Life:a: Longa

  • Advantage: Non-Toxic, No Pollution, Environmental Protecting

  • Transport Package: Roll

  • Origin: Shandong Province, China

  • Type: Roofing and Waterproofing

  • Material: PE

  • Ceiling Tile Type: PE

  • Function: Waterproof

  • Color: Customized

  • Length:a: 50m/100m

  • Width:a: 1.2mA

  • Specification: GB18173.1 - 2012

  • HS Code: 6807100090

Polymer Polypropylene Composite Waterproof Membrane Product Description


Polymer Polypropylene Composite Waterproof Membrane Specification: 200 g / sqm - 1200  g / sqm

0.6 mm to 2.0 mm

Size: 1150 mm in length, 1200 mm and 1500 mm

Length: 100 m/roll, 50 m/roll

All sorts of color can according to user's request


 Waterproof Membrane



PP nonwoven laminated with PE film;
High polymer polyethylene polypropylene fiber.














basements, ponds, kitchens, toilets, tunnels



100sqm/Roll; 115sqm/roll;120sqm/roll


Loading in Container 20ft

300g/sqm:100sqm/roll-700 rolls;115sqm/roll-600rolls;120sqm/roll-580rolls







To adapt to the scope of

. This product is applicable to dry various roofing, basement, tunnel and other building waterproof engineering; Industrial and civil architecture roofing and underground engineering, cisterns, municipal, Bridges, subway, tunnels, DAMS and other engineering waterproof, especially suitable for high durability and corrosion resistance requirements and deformation of key projects.

The construction method


. Construction procedures: acceptance of leveling layer - clean base - the preparation of cement - do additional layer - base construction - layer - maintenance

. Before bonding, the first will coil rolled out, looking for positive, then folded up on both ends of the coil, the configuration pour cement base, and scraping board uniform shop open again to push forward coil and promptly with scraper eliminate legacy in the inside of the coil air blowing out excess adhesive. Coil and the adhesive of the screed-coat rate > = 85%

. Polymer Polypropylene Composite Waterproof Membrane Joint practice:

(1) the roof waterproof joint construction: steam insulation layer, waterproof layer and additional layer adopt lap seam method, with cement adhesive bonding, width to 10 cm. Additional layer seam and waterproof joints staggered more than 5 cm.

(2) the basement waterproof joint construction: article adopts 10-15 cm lap joint, cover article choose polymer joint adhesive bonding.

(3) waterproofing lap width and 8-10 cm long short side 10-15 cm, short adjacent seam should be staggered above 10 cm metope and ground Angle are more than 30 cm.

Polymer Polypropylene Composite Waterproof Membrane Cover:

Coil spread stick after, need to do on the waterproof layer thickness of 2 cm of 1:2. 5 cement mortar layer, points 2 times into, summer-planting have to stagger the 20 cm above, on the second floor flat layer requirements, and sprinkler maintenance.

Product application technology

C polyethylene (polyester) nylon waterproof coiled material and building main body when glue used to join the special do adhesive cement material.


Polymer Polypropylene Composite Waterproof Membrane Application. Building a

Roofing waterproof: it is important to pay special attention to the bonding area of the coil and leveling layer and the degree of adhesive joint, this is to ensure that the waterproof effect, ensure the key technology of waterproof life.

Underground waterproof: coil should be designed under the condition of with water pressure have backing use, prevent stripping. Under the condition of no backing should use accounting coil peel strength.

Indoor seepage control: when applied to the interior wall including floor seepage, coil after paste, should guarantee the adhesive layer of hardening surface decoration construction again. Before the interior wall decoration layer, answer to coil on the brush a layer of composite polymer waterproof coiled material supporting special powder containing 1.5% of cement slurry.

Ground moisture: applied to the ground moisture, attention should be paid to the thickness of the ground surface, in order to make sure the ground stability. QiangJiaoChu coil vertical height not less than 200 mm.

Insulation gas insulation: with dry insulation can adopt single compound coil when steam trap, the paste, laid the same as the roof waterproof, seam article adopts duplex coil mat, no protective layer.

. Construction application 2

Channels, reservoir seepage control; The earth dam seepage control

Other applications can be used in metallurgy, chemical industry pollution prevention, seepage control, waterproof, mine, road and bridge waterproof pipe, such as tunnel waterproof purpose.


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