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Plastic Modified Asphalt Waterproofing Membranes (APP)

Jan 21, 2017

APP modified sex asphalt waterproof volume material is plastic body asphalt waterproof volume material, to fiber felt or fiber real for tire body, dip coated APP (no rules polypropylene) modified sex asphalt, Shang surface sub cloth mineral grain, and tablets material or cover polyethylene film, Xia surface sub cloth sand or cover polyethylene film, after must of production process and processing made of a in the, and high block modified sex asphalt can curling tablets-like waterproof material.

Characteristics: stable molecular structure and long aging periods, have good heat resistance, high tensile strength, elongation, simple construction, pollution-free.

Addition of 30%-35% APP is a by-product of the production of polypropylene, it is reticular structure in modified asphalt, and asphalt with good solubility, will pitch in the net. APP structure to saturated State, therefore, has very good stability, high temperature after irradiation of the Sun, will not rearrange the molecular structure, long aging period. Under normal circumstances, APP-modified asphalt aging period in more than 20 years. APP modified asphalt compound that has good physical properties of polyester felt or on the glass mat, made of sheet with good tensile strength and extension rate. This coil have good hydrophobicity and adhesion, cold bonding both construction and hot-melt construction, pollution-free, can be in the concrete Board, wood, plastic, sheet metal and other materials in construction.