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PE Geo Membrane Used for Lotus Pond Liners

Nov 15, 2017

PE Geo Membrane Used for Lotus Pond Liners Basic Info

  • Model NO.: pe geo membrane

  • Application: Waterproof

  • Waterproof Membrane Yield Elongation(%): 12

  • Dimensional Stability(%): ±2

  • Material: HDPE

  • Waterproof Membrane Density (g/cm3): 0.939

  • Breaking Elongation(%): 700

  • Product Name: PE Geo Membrane Used for Lotus Pond Liners

  • Specification: CE

  • HS Code: 39219090

PE Geo Membrane Used for Lotus Pond Liners Product Description

PE Geo Membrane Used for Lotus Pond Liners HDPE Smooth GeoMembrane Description:

Smooth HDPE Geomembrane(HTPLASTIC) is a black, high quality, high density polyethylene geomembrane produced from specially formulated, virgin polyethylene resin.

The polyethylene resin is designed specifically for flexible and durable geomembrane applications, it contains approx. 98% polyethylene, 2% carbon black and trace amounts of antioxidants and heat stabilizers, dimensional stability and thermal agin characteristics, HT PLASTIC Geomembrane has excellent resistance to UV radiation and is suitable for exposed applications.

HDPE Smooth GeoMembrane Application:

Geomembrane used in groundsill of road, highway, railway and waterproof layer of swelling clay and wet collapsed loess. Geomembrane can be widely used in areas of garbage burying, waste disposal and underground construction projects. Such as below:

- aquaculture ponds
- Ouchi root barrier membrane
- Floating baffles;
- Process wastewater
- Stormwater impoundments;
- Secondary containment;
- Spill containment
- Manure and biogas tanks and covers
- Potable water tanks and covers;
- Sludge Drying beds;
- Bioremediation covers & liners;
- Leachate ponds

pond liners HDPE Sheet Liner Smooth HDPE Geomembrane
HDPE Geomembrane specifications(CJ/T234-2006)(USA GRI-GM13 Standards)
1Density (g/cm3)0.939
2Tensile propeties

Yield strength(N/mm)11151822293744
breaking strength(N/mm)20273340536780
Yield elongation(%)12
breaking elongation(%)700
3Tear resistance(N)93125156187249311374
4Puncture resistance(N)240320400480640800960
5hstress crack resistance300
6carbon black

carbon black content(%)2.0~3.0
carbon black dispersioncarbon black dispersion(only near spherical agglomerates)for

10different views 9 in categorise 1 0r 2 and 1 in category
7Oxidative induction time(OIT)

standard OIT (min)100
High pressure OIT (min)400
8Oven aging at 85oC

standard OIT-% retained after 90 days(%)55
High pressure OIT-% retained alw 90 days(%)80
9UV Resistance

standard OIT retained after 1600hrs(%)50
High pressure OIT retained after 1600hrs(%)50
10Low temperature impaci brinle at -70oCpass
12Dimensional stability(%)±2

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