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Non-Base Self Adhesive Bitumen Membrane

Jun 28, 2017

Non-Base Self Adhesive Bitumen Membrane Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:CLS-8020

  • Type:Roofing and Waterproofing

  • Ceiling Tile Shape:Roll

  • Material:Modified Bitumen

  • Thickness:1.5mm

  • Ceiling Tile Type:Mineral Wool Ceilings

  • Surface Treatment:Film Coated

  • Function:Waterproof

  • Certification:ISO

  • Color:Black

  • Usage:Outdoor

  • Width:1m, 2m or Customized

  • Length:10m, 15m, 20m or Customized

  • Surface:Aluminum Foil,Pet Film,PE Film,Colored Aluminum Fo

Non-Base Self Adhesive Bitumen Membrane Product Description

These self adhesive bitumen waterproof membrane is  composed of base material, including synthetic rubber like SBS,  good road asphalt and viscosity increaser. The surface is covered by aluminum foil(PET,PE,colored aluminum foil) and the silicon depositing release film is covered on the lower surface as anti-sticking layer.
2.Non-Base Self Adhesive Bitumen Membrane Specification


1.0mm,1.2mm,1.5mm, 2.0mm


1m, 2m or customized


10m, 15m,20m or customized


Reinforement with non woven polyester mat


Aluminum foil,PET film,PE film,Colored aluminum foil,double side self adhesive) and the silicon depositing release film

3.Non-Base Self Adhesive Bitumen Membrane Product Feature
·This product has very strong adhesive strength to base, as long as the temperature is above 5oC , no need to have heating system, it is safe convenient and environmentally friendly. 
·This product has exellent low temperature flexibility and elongation, and is very adaptive to flexibleness, deformation and fracture of base. 
·This sheet material has excellent self-healing ability for blind crack caused by nail puncture or outside stress. 
·This sheet material has durable cohesiveness, sticks to base , does not peel off, no water inter-running phenomenon , the joint self-healing part has the same life span as sheet material. 
·This sheet material consists of self-adhesive rubber bitumen and HDPE (or PET), it has excellent water resisting property. 
·HDPE product has strong puncture and impact resistance, it also has unique tearing resistance, and it is easy to cut on site.

4. Non-Base Self Adhesive Bitumen Membrane Applications
1) Widely used in the industrial and civil building roofing, underground, pool, tunnel, wooden and  metal roofing.
2)  Specially applied in the chemical factory, garment factory, and granary.
3)  Especially used in cold places.
4)  Tape  used for sealing all construction material surfaces.
Self adhesive, safe and environment-friendly;
Excellent flexibility in low temperature and elongation;
Strong adaptability for substrate shrinkage, deformation and cracks;
Strong self healing ability for penetration and cracks;
Lasting bonding and sealed performance;
Excellent UV-resistance can be exposed in the sunshine as long as 3 month.

Standard: GB/T23457-2009





Tensile strength

Strength/(N/50 mm) ≥


Breaking elongation of surface film/% ≥



Tear strength of nail rod/N ≥



Impact property

no leaking


Static load

20kg, no leaking


Heat resistance

70°C, no moving, sliding, dropping within 2hrs


Low temperature flexibility/°C

-25°C, no cracking


Anti-water activity

0.6Mpa, no water


Peel strength of concrete/(N/mm) ≥

No handle



Peel strength of concrete/(N/mm) ≥


6.Non-Base Self Adhesive Bitumen Membrane Storage and Transportation
1)        Different type and specification should be stacked separately;
2)        Avoid sun-scorched and rain-drenched, Be ventilation;
3)        The storage temperature should below 50°C;
4)        It have to be one storey when keep in storage stand on end, and shouldn't be more than two storeys when transporting;
5)        Avoid tilting or lateral drift, Covered with tarpaulin if need;
6)        Base on the normal storage and transportation, the storage period is one year from the date of production.


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