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Middle Capacity Bitumen Membrane Production Line Surface Material

Jun 14, 2017

Middle Capacity Bitumen Membrane Production Line Surface material

APF is not a chemical material abbreviation name, should belong to a manufacturer since the name of the application of the comprehensive name of the rubber asphalt waterproofing membrane, according to the national standard self-adhesive rubber asphalt waterproofing membrane surface material, isolation film material code: AL said Aluminum foil, PET polyester film, PE said polyethylene film, FS said polyethylene composite. It is speculated that the enterprise products are: aluminum foil as the surface material, polyester film or polyethylene film insulation film composite self-adhesive rubber asphalt waterproofing membrane, referred to as APF self-adhesive rubber asphalt waterproofing membrane.

Kizilsu Kirkzi non-asphalt base pre-installed polymer film waterproofing membrane production line - Shandong Peng Sheng waterproof won the "national housing industry base" title!

Underground engineering is generally a large structure, long-term underground, always by the role of groundwater penetration, waterproofing can effectively solve the project itself not only affect the ruggedness and durability, but also directly affect the normal use of the project. In addition, when the permeability coefficient of the surrounding rock is large, the permeability of the surrounding rock is not limited to the surrounding environment. The use of mechanical exclusion of internal leakage of water requires a lot of energy and costs, and a large number of drainage may also cause ground and ground buildings uneven settlement and destruction, this situation is not allowed to row. "Rigid and flexible combination, multi-channel defense", the starting point is from the material point of view in the underground engineering rigid waterproof material and flexible waterproof material used in combination. Multi-channel fortification is aimed at the characteristics and requirements of underground engineering, through the waterproof material and structural measures, in the various fortifications play their respective roles, to complement each other, comprehensive fortification requirements to ensure that the underground engineering waterproof and corrosion reliability Improve the service life of the structure. In fact, a few days ago the main structure of underground engineering not only the use of waterproof concrete, but also the use of flexible waterproof material. "According to local conditions, comprehensive management" refers to the investigation, design, construction, management and maintenance of all aspects should consider the waterproof requirements, should be based on engineering and hydrogeological conditions, tunnel lining in the form of construction technology, engineering waterproof level, material source And price and other factors, according to local conditions to choose the appropriate waterproof measures.