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(manufacturer) Self Adhesive Double Side Bitumen Tape

May 25, 2017

(manufacturer) Self Adhesive Double Side Bitumen Tape Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Type:Waterproof Roll Material

  • Material:PP

  • Enter Attribute Here (e.g.: Size):Enter Value Here (e.g.: 12 Inches)

  • Specification:A level of quality, e. g CE, RoHS, SGS, GMP, etc.

  • Origin:Place of Production,Such as:Nanjing,Jiangsu,China.

  • HS Code:39191099

(manufacturer) Self Adhesive Double Side Bitumen Tape Product Description

Self adhesive double side bitumen tape

(manufacturer) Self Adhesive Double Side Bitumen Tape Description

Double-side self-adhesive flashing tape is a kind of environmental sealed adhesive material, which is based on self-adhesive membrane, then selects superior specially raw materials and formula to product with the newest technology, being subsidiary by special technique.

Flashing tape consists of rubber bitumen, high strength matrix (expect no matrix type) and isolated film. Its excellent adhesive property can be bond tightly to surface of concrete, cement mortar, metal, plastic, glass, wood and so on. What's more, its remarkable weatherability, ageing resistance and stability all contribute to the solution of the traditional sealed method, even widely used in all crack's seal of buildings.
(manufacturer) Self Adhesive Double Side Bitumen Tape Product Features

1. Absorb the superior bonding between self-adhesive membranes of Joaboa and cement mortar and the self-adhesive property of membrane itself, further achieve a perfect combination of above two adhesion. Whatever wet-application or dry-application, both can realize an effect that easy to handle and hard to peel.
2. Reach a durable and firm adhesion to the surface of concrete, cement mortar, metal, plastic, glass, woods and so on.
3. Outstanding physical property: Strong adhesion, high tensile strength, good elongation, remarkable adaption to deformation and crack of substrates.
4. Stable chemical property: Good chemical resistance, weatherability and corrosion resistance.
5. Reliable application performance: Excellent adhesion, water impermeability, extreme temperature resistance and dimensional stability.
6. Easy to apply.

With reinforcement/ without
1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0
50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300
10, 20
Note: Other specifications can be depended on the agreements between suppliers and customers.

(manufacturer) Self Adhesive Double Side Bitumen Tape Storage and Transportation
1. Different types or specifications of products should be separated, not mixed.
2. Keep it dry and ventilated, protected from the sun or rain.
3. Storage temperature should never be higher than 45 ┬░ C. Pile up the membranes flatwise whose stockpile height never exceeds five layers. One layer is guaranteed if it is placed vertically.
4. Prevent it from inclination or In the process of transportation, it should be lying in case of inclination or lateral pressure. If necessary, cover it with felt-cloth.
5. Storage time is at least one year from manufacture date on if the product is under normal operation of storage.

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