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High Polymer PVC Waterproof Membrane waterproof Material

Jun 07, 2017

The use of polymer cement paste, can be in the rain (water content of more than 50%) construction. GBS Polyethylene polypropylene composite waterproof membrane from the grass-roots moisture content of less than 9% of the restrictions to ensure the progress of construction. Polyethylene polypropylene waterproofing membrane is advertised as a universal waterproof material,roof,balconyterrace,basement, kitchen and toilet, pool, etc. can be used because of its low price, simple process, so the flooding in the construction market. However, these products in terms of water resistance, durability, to

adapt to the grass-roots deformation capacity, or the reliability of construction applications are significant shortcomings, especially poor "non-standard" materials caused by the project leakage cases are numerous, Has become one of the main reasons for the high leakage rate of domestic construction projects.

Composite membrane bonding mechanism

When the film is attached, the adhesive glue penetrates into the fibrous layer of the surface structure of the polymer composite web, and then the adhesive is cured and the fiber is coated to form a strong mechanical riveting force. The composite web Withthebase(structure)firmlybondedtogether

Polymer composite membrane with cement paste and paste the base. In order to improve the workability of cement glue, water retention, improve the permeability of cement after the impermeability, in the production of cement glue, the requirements in the cement to add special matching glue. Improve the water retention performance of cement, so that the use of cement glue in the water will not be quickly absorbed by the grassroots, easy construction operation, while ensuring the cement curing water required.

Special adhesive is my company for the polymer composite waterproof membrane characteristics of the specially developed, the product and cement mixed with cement adhesive has a high bonding strength, specifically for my company's polymer composite waterproof membrane paste.

Product structure characteristics

1, three-tier structure, surface enhancement.

2, the core layer - the main waterproof layer with a higher ratio (large molecular side chain and more) linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE), its extensibility, impermeability, flexibility, puncture resistance, low temperature Better performance.

3, the surface of polypropylene (polyester) non-woven fabrics, through the core layer of the composite, to solve the polyethylene coefficient of large expansion. Increase the roughness of the product surface, improve the friction coefficient of the product, and make the composite membrane bonding problem can be solved, to achieve the cement bonding.