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High Polymer Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membrane

Jan 21, 2017

High polymer modified bitumen waterproof membrane, high polymer modified bituminous waterproof sheet: the synthesis of polymer modified asphalt coating layers, fabric or mats for the carcass, in powder, granules, flakes or thin film materials for cladding material of flexible sheet material. Thickness of 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, to pitch for the main body.

Modified asphalt waterproof coiled material referred to as modified asphalt waterproof membrane, commonly known as the modified asphalt linoleum. Polymer modified sex asphalt waterproof volume material is to glass fiber felt, and polyester felt, and yellow linen, and polyethylene film, polyester no spinning cloth, metal foil or two species composite for tire base, to mixed volume not less than 10% of synthesis polymer polymer modified sex asphalt, and oxidation asphalt for dip coated material, to powder, and tablets-like, and granular mineral material, synthesis polymer film, metal film for covered surface material made of can curling of tablets-like class waterproof material.