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Geotextile The Construction Method Is Safe

Aug 03, 2017

Geotextile The construction method is safe

Now geotextile in our lives everywhere there are construction projects using geotechnical materials, although the country has not allowed large-scale demolition of the building, but not how to build the country to develop it, so a variety of building construction Still in a quiet manner. Many construction projects have to use geotextile, you may ask what is this material, geotextile and what is it?

This material has been widely used, it can replace the traditional building used in those engineering materials, and the construction method is safe and convenient, is very conducive to environmental protection of new building materials, and geotextile is not expensive The We see this geotextile material to do the most is the dam will be used when building. Geotextile materials have a good mechanical function, a high permeability, but also strong acid and alkali corrosion long life. Filament geotextile has a high strength, and the same building materials compared to the direction of the cloth in all directions are very high tensile strength, is definitely better than other acupuncture non-woven fabrics. When you find that there are cracks in the construction of a good road, you can use geotextiles to reinforce, but also very good to prevent the road and then appear reflective cracks, so in more and more roads, airports and dams and other projects are used To the geotextile, there is a very good reinforcement and the role of weak foundation, coupled with geotextiles particularly suitable, so by a lot of domain favorite. The pace of social construction is still carried out, in order to live a higher quality, we have to build a lot of roads to promote economic development, we also need to build more sports field to enhance our physique, the building can use geotextiles , Not only can effectively help the drainage of the foundation, but also effectively prevent future soil erosion may occur.

In the practical application of construction, water conservancy and other fields, geotextiles because of their length and width of the conditions, in order to better meet the needs of the need to use stitching stitching. That is, in order to play geotextile should be anti-seepage, reinforcement and other product application characteristics, but also to achieve the suture on the aesthetics of the geotextile suture technology put forward a higher demand.

Geotextile stitching stitched stitches must be continuous, and the pin to be fine is appropriate. Just as we sew the clothes, the pin is too large in the process of continuous use will be too much to pull, very easy to tear. After the stitching of the geotextile, it is necessary to use a simple locking edge for reinforcement.

Whether it is geotextile or the use of the edge of the lines need to use the tensile strength, anti-chemical corrosion and anti-ultraviolet radiation types. But also in the geotextile suture after the need for repeated use of geotextile inspection, in the needle off the line where the timely patchwork. Good geotextile quality is an important prerequisite for the specific construction of geotextile. In the laying of geotextiles before the need for geotextile itself to do a comprehensive and meticulous inspection. There are cracks, loopholes in the geotextile need to repair to meet the use of old, damaged geotextile to be timely replacement. Construction site inspection is also an important preparatory work for the early period. Base formation or not, whether it is solid and so on the scope of the inspection. At the same time through the investigation of the site in a timely manner to exclude some damage to the geotextile sharp damaged objects. In the actual construction before the need for geotextile test shop to determine the length of geotextile and tightness is appropriate, to grasp a reasonable size.