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Geotextile Tear Strength

Oct 31, 2017

Geotextile Tear strength

Geotextile mechanical properties include: tensile strength, bursting strength, puncture strength, compression resistance, bonding strength, tear strength and so on.

Where the tensile strength is a basic performance of the geotextile, whether in the laying or in the role of strengthening, geotextile must have a tensile strength.

The strength of other geotextiles are also in the field when the actual force must have the performance, and anti-compression performance directly affect the filter and drainage performance.

As a member of the geotextile family, filament geotextile has been widely known, for example, anti-seepage works often appear on its shadow, then the role of filament geotextile, then let Xiaobian to tell you about.

First, it can play a permanent isolation, long-term isolation by the different components and performance of the soil layer and to prevent mixing. And with frost resistance and construction requirements of the bearing requirements. The following is its different circumstances Specific role:

1, for the retaining wall of the backfill in the reinforcement, or used to anchor the retaining wall of the panel. Construction of parcel retaining wall or abutment.

2, to strengthen the flexible road, repair the cracks on the road to prevent the road reflection cracks.

3, to increase the stability of gravel slope and reinforced soil to prevent soil erosion and low temperature soil damage.

4, repair road ballast and roadbed between the isolation layer, or between the roadbed and the base of the isolation layer.

5, artificial fill, rock or material field and the base of the isolation layer, different frozen soil between the isolation, filtration and reinforcement role.

6, the ash dam or tailings dam early upstream of the dam surface filter layer, retaining wall backfill drainage system in the filter layer.

7, drainage around the tube or gravel drainage ditch around the filter layer, as well as water conservancy project wells, relief wells or diagonal pipe filter layer.

8, the vertical or horizontal drainage within the dam, buried in the soil to dissipate the gap water pressure. Earth dam or embankment in the back of the impermeable geomembrane or concrete cover the lower part of the drainage.

9, excluding the tunnel around the water seepage, to reduce the lining of the external water pressure and the surrounding water seepage of the building.

10, artificial fill the foundation of the ground field drainage.

11, roads (including temporary roads) railways, embankments, earth dams, airports, sports and other projects to strengthen the weak foundation.

Geotextile suture technology

Geotextile is an indispensable material for the construction and building materials industry. Our company uses advanced equipment, professional talents, production of a variety of geotextiles and other products.In order to facilitate the use of everyone, Xiaobian a brief introduction to 2015 geotextile stitch knowledge summary.