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Geotextile Synthetic Fiber

Sep 28, 2017

Geotextile synthetic fiber

Geotextile in practice occupies an important position, but in the use of it, or need to pay attention to it fixed, then we should be how to fix it? Here let us know about it!

First of all, before we fix it, it is necessary to make an effective judgment on the foundation of the work. To determine how he is connected, if it is covered with a clay layer, it should be used together. If When it is used in the sandy foundation, in the use of the time should be removed inside the sand pebbles, so as to ensure that the composite geomembrane can be effectively fixed, so as to better use it to play its role.

The use of geotextile to the people whine came a lot of help, and play an important role in life, in the market, it is made of synthetic fiber through acupuncture or weaving made of water-based geosynthetics. Has excellent filtration, good permeability, high temperature, anti-freezing, corrosion-resistant advantages. The use of geotextiles is gaining popularity. In the use of time, it has a very good feature, but the manufacturers in the factory before it, we need to pay attention to its detection skills, then its detection skills is what? Let us let us know a detailed look at it!

Now this product it is used in many industries, especially in some of the textile, chemical, plastic and other aspects have been used, when the manufacturers in the detection of it, you need to take three samples, each test The samples were tested at a pressure of 0.1 or 1.0 and then placed at 20 kPa, 100 kPa, 200 kPa, respectively. Then, after obtaining the result, an average value was taken and the sample was then replaced three times , And then the average of the test results of the three specimens under these different pressures / gradients, the HDPE geomembrane derives the permeability at each pressure / gradient.

Above is its test skills, do you know it, and now with the development of social science and technology, geotextile quality requirements on the more stringent, and for substandard products, we will not sell people to poor products , So people can be assured of the use of.

In fact the causes of geotextile aging due to internal and external factors. Internal factors refer to the nature of the material itself, mainly: the structure of the monomer, the internal nature of the polymer system, additives, etc .; external factors mainly refers to the external environmental factors, mainly sun, oxygen, heat, moisture, pH, Industrial gas, sea water, salt spray, mold, bacteria and so on.

Waterproof geotextile after two major factors in its chemical and physical properties will change, so the aging problem will be unexpected. So in order to achieve the use of results, Xiao Bian or suggest that you pay attention to the regular replacement of geotextile yo.