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Geotextile Pavement Preparation Work

Jul 05, 2017

Geotextile  Pavement preparation work

Geogrid laying direction has been perpendicular to the middle of the roadbed.

1. Pavement preparation work:

1.1 Foundation treatment: first of the lower level of leveling, rolling, flatness is not greater than 15 mm, the degree of compaction to meet the design requirements, the surface is strictly prohibited gravel, stone and other hard protrusions.

1.2 laying environment: outdoor temperature above 5 ℃, wind below 4, no rain, snow. (Except for environmental or special requirements)

2. Laying and laping method:

2.1 in the formation of a good layer on the laying of the design according to the width of the laying of geogrid, paving should be straight, smooth, close to the next layer, not twisted, wrinkled, overlapping, lap with a nail or connector Fixed.

2.2 geogrid in the laying of the main strength of the direction of the vertical direction of the vertical embankment direction, each overlapping length (vertical) is not less than 15 cm, and fixed with a nail or coupling, spacing 1.0m, horizontal lap Length 30 ~ 90 cm, lap position with a nail or nylon rope fixed.

3. After laying the quality of lap:

3.1 Geogrid laying completed after the first self-test, the quality requirements see the following table:

No. Project construction quality requirements Check the method and frequency

1 under the formation of flatness 15mm per 200m check 4

2 longitudinal lap width 15cm spot checks 2%

3 horizontal lap width ≥ 30m sampling 2%

4 lap staggered distance ≥ 50㎝ sampling 2%

4. Backfill:

4.1 Geogrid material paving in place should be filled in time to fill the filler, so as not to be exposed to the sun for too long time, under normal circumstances, the interval does not exceed 48H.

4.2 packing requirements: within 8 cm from the geogrid layer embankment rock fill embankment material its maximum material diameter shall not be greater than 6 cm, geogrid first layer of filling paving should be light bulldozer or front loader, along the road Embankment direction of the embankment to carry out compaction, filling the compaction thickness greater than 60 cm.

Geogrid in the role of civil engineering:

1, geogrid strength, small creep, to adapt to all kinds of environmental soil, can meet the high-grade highways in the use of high retaining wall.

2, geogrid can effectively improve the reinforced bearing surface of the embedded lock, bite the role of a great extent to enhance the bearing capacity of the foundation, effectively restrain the lateral displacement of the soil to enhance the stability of the foundation.

3, with strong strength, strong bearing capacity, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, large friction coefficient, uniform hole, easy construction, long service life and so on.

4, adapted to deep-sea operations, embankment reinforcement, fundamentally solve the other materials to do the stone cage due to long-term erosion caused by seawater low strength, poor corrosion resistance, short service life and other technical problems.