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Geotextile Insulation Effect

Oct 12, 2017

Geotextile Insulation effect

Geotextile manufacturers geotextile production in the road maintenance also has a lot of features, we take a look at what these features.

It is widely used in asphalt pavement, cement concrete pavement and roadbed enhancement. Whether it is hard road or flexible road can be, low cost, long life, to prevent road reflection cracks. Product thickness suitable, easy to combine with the asphalt pavement, combined with the formation of adhesive layer after the separation layer, with waterproof and insulation effect. Light weight, high strength. Surface rough, with friction, easy to slide. Anti-ultraviolet, anti-chemical corrosion, cold resistance, anti-biological damage. Easy construction, application effect is good.

Geotextile in the maintenance of the road when the characteristics of these, we should also pay attention to the use of the method, so that you can use more convenient. Geotechnical factory direct sales staff to introduce us, geotextile is made of non-woven fabric, also known as geotextile, it is made of synthetic fiber through acupuncture or weaving made of permeable geosynthetics, finished cloth shape. Geotextile has a lot of role, especially in flood control works.

Geotextile can cut off and gather water in the soil, and can be seepage along the vertical fabric plane or parallel fabric plane parallel discharge. Geotextile can be different nature or different gradation of the earth and stone material to keep the overall structure and function of the material, so as to ensure the quality of the project. Due to the hydrodynamic characteristics of the geotextile structure, it can block the geotextile particles, fine sand, small particles and so on without being taken out. The use of geotextile high tensile strength, in the soil can restrain the soil strain, improve the soil's comprehensive deformation modulus, reduce soil deformation, improve the soil force situation. When the water is washed against the soil, the geotextile can diffuse, transmit or decompose concentrated stress, and prevent the soil from being damaged by external force.

Because of these features and functions, geotextiles in the flood control project has a good feature, especially in emergency situations, geotextiles can play a strong role. Geotextile factory direct waterproof geotextile in our social life has a lot of applications, a wide range, the effect is good, together with the specific knowledge of it

First: used in the lake dam, embankment, reservoirs, drains, railways, tunnels, aquaculture or underground building anti-seepage leak-proof construction.

Second: environmental protection, sanitation. Very effective solution to the city's solid waste pollution of the environment, to avoid continuous pollution to the environment.

Third: water conservancy project for dam foundation reinforcement, drainage board on the groundwater drainage, drainage and other pressure.

Fourth: municipal construction works soft soil foundation reinforcement and drainage and other types of anti - seepage works

Fifth: petrochemical system, chemical sewage tank seepage, refinery sewage tank seepage, electroplating pickling tank anti-seepage corrosion, pipe lining and so on.