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Geotextile Has The Following Characteristics

Aug 15, 2017

Geotextile Has the following characteristics

Geotextile in engineering use

Geotextile applicability of strong, in many areas have a common use, which in the use of the project is also more common, the following Xiaobian for you to introduce the geotextile in the use of what works, I hope you have assist.

1. Geotextile has a protective effect. Reinforced geotextiles can fluctuate, limiting the civil engineering in the process of growing the use of displacement, add soil and geotextile between the friction.

2. Geotextile with isolation. With geotextile to separate the different soil structure, constitute a wave of the interface, so that the layers of structural separation, in accordance with the requirements to carry forward their own characteristics and the role of the whole.

3. Geotextile has a protective effect. Can let the water through, but also can effectively prevent the soil particles through, so as to avoid the loss of soil particles and the formation of soil damage 4. Geotextile with drainage. Non-woven geotextile can form a drainage channel in the soil, the soil in the water together, along the information of the three-dimensional excreted.

Geotextile of the application mechanism and characteristics of which are the main mechanism of the following:

1 geotextile reduces the adhesion between the overlay and the old concrete pavement.The study shows that there is a decrease in the binding force at the original two-layer interface, which reduces the maximum tensile strain of the overlay . Although the interface strength decreased, but still enough to avoid the absolute displacement of the interface up and down and persist.

2 due to the high strength and greater extensibility of the geotextile, it can play the role of stress absorbing interlayer.The geotextile layer will reflect the crack stress from the vertical direction to the direction of the direction and extend the stress to a wider range, So as to alleviate the stress concentration at the joint, play the role of the loss of strain and the transfer of vertical load, and to strengthen the overall tensile strength of asphalt concrete, delay the occurrence of reflection cracks.

Should have the following characteristics:

1 low temperature. The melting point of ordinary should not be less than 170 ℃, it is better to reach more than 200 ℃, in order to avoid the occurrence of asphalt paving at low temperature expansion deformation, to ensure that the geotextile its own function fluctuations.

2 tensile strength is high. The ultimate tensile strength should be greater than or equal to 8KN / m2, breaking elongation of not less than 50%.

3 geotextile is anisotropic data, in order to ensure the average strength of the non-woven geotextile longitudinal and horizontal strength ratio, the general requirements of not more than 1.2.