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Geotextile A Strong Point

Aug 29, 2017

Geotextile A strong point

Pricker is in the process of production of nonwoven geotextile manufacturer of needle-punching machine and will come into direct contact with the fiber in the fiber tangles of consumption goods, quality and type of pricker pricker correct choice, resolution the acupuncture to the quality of the product, nonwoven fabric is mainly based on the degree of fiber threading a select the serial number of pricker, fiber is fine, usually with large prod, choose the small size conversely prod, different fiber raw material for the serial number of pricker.

When the number of needle unit into a consumer line [ordinary include acupuncture, the needle puncture times surface, such as their respective role is different, in order to reduce the appearance of striation needled felt, should choose ordinary palm knead pricker. Fine - face a threading "criterion; the top acupuncture needle can choose approach of threading, so tight fabric under the effect of moderate acupuncture. In the main acupuncture, according to the lease after initial choose pricker, in order to reduce the appearance of needle punched felt.

In the production of nonwoven fabric when processed with needle-punching machine repeatedly stop acupuncture needle pull on the first few columns into a finer prod, the old and new level of pricker nail significantly affects the system efficiency, but also affect the product performance, and therefore should be changed regularly prod, when changing the needle, to adopt the method of gradual exchange, in order to reduce the performance of the product changes suddenly. In other words: change the entire needle in the whole needle in the time of the rule.

From the perspective of nonwoven fabric strong thinking: acupuncture product strongly depends on the level of fiber net fiber bend each other, ordinary, standard needle in acupuncture use, appropriate to products have higher strength, might consider to choose the medium type needle, and use it in the main needle-punching machine's top a few taichung, encryption type needle a glue used for the final a needle machine, high-density type within the limited depth of needle hook needle thorn all entered the fiber net. It can provide the high strength and tangling force of the high cloth with the staff's short acupuncture depth, so it is specially adapted to the needlework cloth.

Waterproof geotextile is in the film through far infrared heating oven, either one or both of the geotextile and the geomembrane by the guide roller pressure to form a composite geotextile together, with the improvement of production technology, there is also a LiuYanFa do the process of composite geotextile, geotextile as a protective layer of geomembrane, make the protection of impervious layer from being damaged, to reduce the uv radiation, increase the anti-aging performance, had better use embedment method laid.