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Fiberglass Mats Structural Stability

Aug 15, 2017

fiberglass mats Structural stability

With the large-scale construction of our highway, often encountered soft soil, swelling soil and other special soil construction difficult, quality control should not grasp and other issues, and the use of geotechnical data, to a certain extent, to solve the problem of civil engineering construction. The so-called geotextile composition information, is a variety of fiber fabric composition, including geogrid, geotextile, geotextile and geotextile mats and so on. In the meantime, the geogrid has the characteristics of high tensile strength, large deformation modulus, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, large coefficient of friction between soil particles, strong chain effect and good reinforcement effect, and buried the geogrid In vivo, as the foundation reinforcement reinforcement data, can enhance the bearing capacity of the foundation. At the same time, the lateral shear deformation of the soil can improve the overall stress condition of the soil, improve the overall strength of the soil and the overall stability of the soil structure. Therefore, the glass fiber geogrid has the common The use of vision.

    The stability of the fiberglass geogrid mesh structure is reinforced by filling with the asphalt mixture, and the higher tensile strength of the fiberglass geogrid is the main factor of the opening and closing deformation. The asphalt concrete participating in the fiberglass geogrid can effectively improve the stress distribution of the pavement structure, and resist and delay the attack of the pavement disease caused by the roadbed cracks, so that the asphalt concrete structural layer does not cause deformation due to the deformation The use of fiberglass geogrid can greatly improve the service life of the pavement compared with the asphalt concrete layer without adding fiberglass geogrid.

    In the urban road using fiberglass geogrid, the induction cost is low, the maintenance and repair cost is low, the social benefit is remarkable, the construction craft is simple to grasp, has the widespread use value. If we can in the new and maintenance projects in a large area of use, you can greatly save money, improve the quality of road construction, so that the national infrastructure construction of the rational use of funds to show its maximum efficiency.

   Fiberglass geogrid construction can choose fuel injection method, anchor method, self-adhesive method, for different layers and different materials of the road to choose the appropriate construction method.


For the new asphalt concrete road pavement, fiberglass grille can be placed between the semi-rigid basement and the next seal layer, can also be placed between the next seal layer and the asphalt surface; on the new cement concrete road surface, fiberglass grille should be set Between the semi-rigid base and the rigid cement concrete seal.

Repair of old asphalt pavement, optional fuel injection method, anchoring method, self-adhesive method. In the original road laying fiberglass grille; also in the original road to do 20-30mm fine asphalt concrete leveling layer, and then laying fiberglass grille, and then add asphalt concrete surface layer, and then add asphalt concrete surface layer, Thickness should be 60-100mm.