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Fiberglass Mats Key Features

Jul 20, 2017

fiberglass mats Key Features

Glass fiber cloth is produced in the workplace, through the hard work of the workers produced, this material has a unified specification, so to meet the needs of most people. At the same time it is widely used, is a good performance materials. Walking Street You can buy it in the store, and now with the scale of the expansion, the material also carried out online sales. In the major online shopping platform are sold.

  First of all, the glass fiber cloth to do a brief introduction, so that we can understand the main raw materials and the main features. First of all, it is made of glass fiber material, and its strength is mainly reflected in the woven fabric from the above, because of its strength has important requirements, so the fabric has two movements of the weaving, One is horizontal, the other is vertical, because people will put a different hardness requirements for the fabric, so some factories will choose two directions are used cross the weaving method, and some only use to a direction For the weaving of dense, through the accumulation of numerous lines, so that the glass fiber cloth can be more hard to show.

  Because it has a different process of forming methods, and some fiberglass cloth can be used winding method, through the continuous winding of multiple lines, it becomes more stout, so that it becomes more solid. Second, you can also squeeze the process, because the raw material has a strong flexibility, with a strong tension, so according to people's needs, the raw materials will be free to stretch, made into their own needs fabric. But also the coarse thread can be cut accordingly, gradually become the length of people to make it.

  In the production of glass fiber cloth, each factory and the production workshop are strict requirements, its development is with the special needs of other departments and the gradual development of flourishing, such as with the aerospace, the transport industry Of the development, so that its use of more expanded, made of various parts of transport equipment. But also with the automobile manufacturing and other industries continue to develop, but also to the use of the material to provide a broader market, but also includes the extensive use of sporting goods and sports equipment. Make its market more broad. In the cement construction area such as the site, you will see the wide application of glass fiber mesh, its main role is to help strengthen the cement, and can help workers to complete the external wall insulation work, as the name suggests, its main made The material is a glass fiber woven fabric, made by the chemical material made of a wide range of fiber used in the building insulation works.

      Glass fiber mesh has a good ability to resist alkaline, can be strong alkaline construction environment to work, which protects it has a wider use of space, it has a broader market sales space and prospects. Because it is to be used in the building facade and other large areas of the scope of the wide coverage of the material, so the material is required to cover all the external walls of the building, so as to ensure the full coverage of the external walls, which requires The material can have a very strong flexibility, only the material has a strong flexibility, so as to ensure that it can be widely used, and now in the market sales of fiberglass mesh, are with the above mentioned brief The characteristics of the.

      When using fiberglass mesh, it needs to be stretched at all angles, which requires it to have the characteristics of stretching to the angle, so that it can be used in the more convenient, allowing workers to choose their own needs Of the insulation of building materials, it not only has the appropriate wall insulation work, but also to the building waterproof work. Now there are some buildings in the construction time, pay great attention to the building itself waterproof work, only in the building itself to do the waterproof work, strictly guarantee that the building can be used in the long term and living, can be preserved, can guarantee Every building will not appear some leakage of the phenomenon.