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Fiberglass Mats Good Permeability

Aug 03, 2017

fiberglass mats Good permeability

Product Description: Glass fiber mat is mainly composed of continuous raw silk or chopped strand without directional chemical bonding or mechanical action together made of sheet products. Glass fiber mat is a non-alkali or alkali glass fiber non-woven products, from the continuous glass fiber precursor after the chopped, non-directional uniform distribution, and with powder polyester adhesive made of products The


1, with a good permeability, easy to defoaming, resin consumption less

2, easy construction, uniformity is good, easy to layer, and die paste good

3, with a strong retention rate of wet strong, laminated sheet of good light transmission, low cost.

The application of the product is usually applicable to all kinds of glass fiber reinforced plastic products such as sheet metal, hull, lighting board, bathtub, anticorrosive material, cooling tower, vehicle, etc .; also applies to continuous FRP tile unit; It is used to enhance the unsaturated polyester resin and other occasions.

 First, the characteristics of glass fiber mats

1, resin penetration speed, good mold and easy to eliminate bubbles.

2, fiber and binder evenly distributed, hairless feathers, stains debris and other flaws.

3, the product has a high mechanical strength, wet strength retention rate is high.

4, glass fiber mats have a high dry tensile strength, can be a good way to reduce tearing occurred.

5, glass fiber mat laminated sheet surface smooth, good light transmission.

6, glass fiber mat thickness uniform and no stains debris and other flaws.

7, fiberglass mat hardness is moderate, easy to soak, products, less bubbles and good technology;

8, glass fiber mat fiber scouring resistance is good, it has a good filling and overmolding;

9, glass fiber mats have good mechanical and mechanical properties, it is suitable for any shape of complex products. ,

Second, the storage of glass fiber mats

Glass fiber mats should be stacked in a cool dry place, if not, it is strictly prohibited to open the packaging or tighten the packaging port to prevent moisture.

A fibrous mat is made of continuous filaments or chopped strands that are not oriented by chemical bonding or mechanical action. According to the different forms of fiber and the combination of different, mainly chopped original silk carpets, continuous original silk carpets, stitching felt, composite felt and surface felt and other categories.

  Use and requirements

2.1 hand paste molding: hand paste molding process is the main way of China's FRP production, glass fiber chopped mat, continuous felt and stitching felt can be used for hand-paste molding process. The use of stitching mat can reduce the number of laying, improve the efficiency of hand paste operation. But the stitching felt as a result of more chemical fiber sewing line, the bubble is not easy to drive, fiberglass products needle bubble more, and the surface feel rough, not smooth. In addition, the stitched felt is heavy fabric, and the overturning of the felt and the continuous felt are poor. In the case of making a complex product, it is easy to form voids at the bend. Hand laying process requires that the mat has a resin impregnation rate, easy to eliminate the characteristics of good bubbles and overmolding.