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Fiberglass Mats Combination Of Different Ways

Sep 07, 2017

fiberglass mats Combination of different ways

A fibrous mat made of continuous filaments or chopped strands that are not oriented by chemical bonding or mechanical action. According to the different forms of fiber and the combination of different ways, mainly chopped original silk carpets, continuous original silk carpets, stitching felt, composite felt and surface felt and other categories.

  Use and requirements

2.1 hand paste molding: hand paste molding process is the main way of China's FRP production, glass fiber chopped mat, continuous felt and stitching felt can be used for hand-paste molding process. The use of stitching mat can reduce the number of laying, improve the efficiency of hand paste operation. But stitching felt as a result of more chemical fiber sewing line, the bubble is not easy to drive, glass and steel products needle bubble more, and the surface feel rough, not smooth. In addition, the stitched felt is heavy fabric, and the overtormoving felt and the continuous felt are poor. In the case of making a complex product, it is easy to form voids at the bend. Hand laying process requires that the mat has a resin impregnation rate, easy to eliminate the characteristics of good bubbles and overmolding.

2.2 Pultrusion: The pultrusion process is one of the main uses of continuous felt and stitching. Generally used in combination with the use of twistless roving. With continuous felt and stitching mat for pultrusion products, can significantly improve the product of the ring and lateral strength, to prevent the product cracking. The pultrusion process requires that the mats have a uniform distribution of fiber, high tensile strength, fast resin penetration rate, good softness and filling properties, and that the mats should have a certain continuous length and so on.

2.3RTM: Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) is a closed molding process. It is by the mold and the male mold two molds and a pressurized pump and injection gun composition, no press. The RTM process is usually made of continuous felt and stitching mats without the use of chopped mats. Requirements mats with mats should be easy to be soaked resin, good air permeability, good resistance to resin scouring and good mold and so on.

2.4 Winding process: generally used chopped mat and continuous felt, used for winding molding is mainly used for products rich resin layer, including the lining layer and the outer surface layer. Winding molding process on the requirements of glass fiber mat and hand paste method is basically similar.

2.5 Centrifugal casting molding: usually chopped mat as a raw material. The chopped mat is pre-laid in the mold, and then the resin is added to the rotating opening cavity, and the product is densely packed by centrifugation. Requiring mats with easy penetration and good ventilation and so on. Features:

1, with a good permeability, easy to defoaming, resin consumption less

2, easy construction, uniformity is good, easy to layer, and die paste good

3, with a strong retention rate of wet strong, laminated board is good light transmission, low cost.

The application of the product is usually applicable to all kinds of glass fiber reinforced plastic products such as sheet metal, hull, lighting board, bathtub, anticorrosive material, cooling tower, vehicle, etc .; also applies to continuous FRP tile unit; It is used to enhance the unsaturated polyester resin and other occasions.