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Fiberglass Mats Adapt To All Kinds Of Environmental Soil

Aug 29, 2017

fiberglass mats Adapt to all kinds of environmental soil

The appearance of the glass fiber mat makes the construction of the project 'resplendence'. Now the construction of the geotechnical engineering can't depart from the support of all kinds of geotechnical materials, particularly the use of glass fiber mat reinforcement provides support for engineering, our company is mainly for the market to provide comprehensive geotechnical material products, in order to meet the needs of customers friend, simple basic development provide you plastic grille. The glass fiber pad packing will replace the wood grille packing, and the foreground is very good. This is because the distance between grid packing plate (general for 24 ~ 42 mm), high porosity, specific surface area is big, gas and liquid are fixed, the direction of the every layer board channel non-birders evenly, with the increase of gas or liquid volume increase, enhanced the effect of gas and liquid two phases, but sluggish fluid volume is small, the tower resistance is very small, grid packing tower does not exist in a packed bed is full of the phenomenon of liquid, so the plastic grille packing can be chosen for the modification of the old tower high superficial velocity, is the general packing 1.5 ~ 3 times. Greatly improved the production capacity, the design of the new tower can reduce the diameter and height of the tower.

The glass fiber mat is in the soil for the tension state, the strength is large, the creep is small, the adaptation of all kinds of environmental soil, the glass fiber mat can meet the high grade highway high wall to use. It can effectively improve the embedded lock, occlusion action of the reinforcement load, the bearing capacity of the foundation and the lateral displacement of the soil, and strengthen the stability of the foundation. The glass fiber mat is more powerful, carrying capacity, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, large friction coefficient, uniform eye uniformity, convenient construction and long service life.

Glass fiber mat is a kind of polymer mesh with square or rectangular shape, which can be divided into one - way stretching and two - way drawing. It is punched in the extruded polymer sheet and then directed to stretch under heating conditions. The unidirectional tensile grille is only drawn along the length of the plate, while the bidirectional tensile grille continues to stretch the grid of unidirectional stretching in a direction perpendicular to its length.

Because the polymer of glass fiber mat in the manufacture of polymer will rearrange the orientation with the heating extension process, the bonding force between the molecular chains is strengthened and the purpose of enhancing its strength is achieved.