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Elastomer Modified Asphalt Waterproofing Roll-roofing (SBS)

Jan 21, 2017

SBS modified sex asphalt waterproof volume material is to thermoplastic elastic body for modified sex agent, will oil asphalt modified sex Hou for impregnated coated cover material, to glass fiber felt or polyester felt, enhanced material for tire body, to plastic film, and mineral grain, and tablets material, as anti-stick isolation layer, after selection, and ingredients, and total melt, and impregnated, and composite forming, and curling, and test, and points volume, and packaging, process processing and made of a flexible in the, and high-end of can curling of tablets-like waterproof material, is elastic body asphalt waterproof volume material in the has representative of varieties.

Features: performance is strong, has good resistance to high and low temperature and aging resistance, simple construction.

This product to join the SBS Thermoplastic Elastomer 10%-15%, which has the dual characteristic of rubber and plastics. In at room temperature Xia, has rubber-like elastic, in high temperature Xia and like plastic as has melting flow performance, is plastic, and asphalt, brittle material of increased toughness agent, after SBS this thermoplastic elastic body material modified sex Hou asphalt for waterproof volume material of impregnated coated cover layer, to improve has volume material of elastic and resistance fatigue sex, extended has volume material of using life, enhanced has volume material of integrated can.