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Big Size Self Adhesive Bitumen Waterproof Roll Suitable For Low Temperature Environment

Oct 31, 2017

big size self adhesive bitumen waterproof roll Suitable for low temperature environment

Now waterproof material market, waterproof material everything, a variety of waterproof materials have been, attracting people's attention. So in the end what kind of waterproof material can become the focus of the majority of consumers concerned about it? So today we tell you this article about the large size of self-adhesive asphalt waterproof volume of its unique highlights.

We waterproof material Co., Ltd. is the industry, the traditional model reform earlier of the company, our company is the use of Internet technology, and then actively strive to build, offline, online, trading platform. To achieve the enterprise, the rapid development. The company's next policy is to large-size self-adhesive asphalt waterproof volume as the company's top priority, to promote the public through the micro-public platform, so that we can communicate with consumers in a timely manner to narrow the distance and consumers , In order to enhance the trust between enterprises and customers, but also in maintaining the brand image to play a significant role. Because, the text of the inhumanity of the customer's disgust and set up to harass the message. So no letter, he will not blindly push the news. Consumers are also more recognized in this way. We feel that only the use of new media, in order to spread our marketing information to the more accurate, the group of people in the crowd. Second, save the cost of publicity, played a maximized profit. The product in our life is very extensive in the construction industry, and the product is SBS rubber modified petroleum asphalt cited as the invasion coating, it is polyester fiber nonwovens, jute, fiberglass, etc. Made for the fetal base, and the product is a plastic film for the anti-sticking isolation layer, and the product as well as up to 1500% elongation and strong puncture resistance, tear resistance. It is suitable for cold areas, as well as deformation and vibration of large industrial and civil buildings waterproofing works. It by the selection, invasion, compound molding, ingredients, eutectic, curling and other processes processing production. Therefore, with the development of society, the product in our lives around the application has gradually increased. Waterproof materials are now too many products, and SBS modified asphalt waterproofing membrane popular people favor. We know how much it has, what unique advantages to attract the attention of consumers, the following by me to introduce it under the characteristics and scope of use, I hope you choose this kind of product when the help

Large-size self-adhesive asphalt waterproof roll is SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) thermoplastic elastomer modifier asphalt impregnation and coating materials, the upper surface covered with polyethylene (PE) film, aluminum Sand, mineral tablets (tablets) materials such as isolation materials can be made of curled sheet waterproof material. Products for low temperature environment, weatherability, resistance to mold, good corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, elongation, the grass-roots shrinkage deformation and cracking of the ability to adapt. E-glass fiber reinforced plastic membrane - economic carcass and high performance SBS modified asphalt combination.

Construction performance, hot melt method can be construction throughout the year, and reliable and durable heat seam. The use of the product for the civilian and industrial buildings of the underground, roof. Bathroom waterproof, moisture and parking, tunnels, reservoirs, bridges, swimming pools and other buildings waterproof. Especially for low temperature area of building waterproof.