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Big Size Self Adhesive Bitumen Waterproof Roll In The Process

Oct 12, 2017

big size self adhesive bitumen waterproof roll In the process

In the industrial and civil construction waterproof construction in order to achieve the best waterproof effect, as usual, there will be multi-channel waterproofing process. Now with the update of the craft, self-adhesive waterproofing membrane operation in the process has been greatly simplified. The following is the construction process of self-adhesive waterproofing membrane: liquidation of the lower layer - → brushing the lower treatment agent - → node disposal - → shop EVA waterproofing membrane - → coil lap and coil disposal - → quality acceptance

1). Liquidation of the lower: the outside should be flat, clean, boring, the details of the structure should reach the plan request, if any defects should be stopped, after passing the water can stop construction.

2). Brush the lower treatment agent: self-adhesive waterproofing membrane under the disposal of the bottom of the bucket should be fully stirred, with a roller brush on the average brushing in the lower (reference amount of 0.2kg / m2). To be the next layer of disposal agent after the complete baking paste self-adhesive waterproofing membrane.

3). Node disposal: pipe root parts such as rain pipe, wear pipe and other parts of the pipe root need to do the first sealed after treatment, and then paving additional layer; corner parts such as yin and yang angle, flat surface corner paving additional layer; expansion joints, construction joints And other parts paving additional layer. The extent of the additional layer and the width of the vertical surface should be ≥ 250 sister.

4). Shop EVA waterproofing membrane: first sure that the film paving order and bias, and in the lower elastic line, and then paving the membrane. Paving self-adhesive waterproofing membrane, the first cut off the cut paper, there will be a sticky wall along the baseline paving, with the cut off the paper (film) then roll the outside of the coil and squeeze out the atmosphere to ensure that the initial Bond strength. Longitudinal lap joints to be straight, lap width 30 ~ 50 sister, with the drum hard compaction, to ensure that the bonding between the waterproof layer of solid. 5). Coil Lap and Coil Dispose of: The web is lap and lap, and the two webs are lap welded together. Whether it is the level of the head, the same vertical head, the answer to receive the edge of the edge of the use of matching sealant seal, the coil in the facade when the head, the use of metal stamping firm, and then use the matching sealant metal stamping and sturdy screw seal The

6). Quality acceptance: waterproof layer acceptance pass, stop the next construction method.

When the self-adhesive waterproofing membrane is damaged or bubbled, the damaged parts should be cleaned and then repaired along the gap of the coil. Finally, do not forget the compaction seal. We must first make sure that SBS modified asphalt waterproofing membrane construction technology on the surface of the concrete cushion and fence do not appear on the surface of the water, otherwise the timely closure of the plug can be possible, than the surface and no water, then go Leveling layer, leveling layer must use a 2.5 than ordinary cement mortar end of the comparison, the thickness of the Buddha into less than about twenty millimeters.

For the leveling layer to maintain the surface of flat, flatness should also be two meters by the end of the reflection to the ruler, ruler and base surface of the gap should not have more than five millimeters, and as long as the steep change can be maintained, and finally find leveling Surface, rigid, do not have obvious water flow phenomenon, part of the emergence of a lot of wet no problem, but can not have speed to send, dust, hollowing, the gap situation, the best pollutants do not exist.