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Big Size Self Adhesive Bitumen Waterproof Roll Product Self-adhesive

Jun 07, 2017

1 self-adhesive asphalt waterproofing membrane rubber self-adhesive asphalt waterproofing membrane production process is relatively simple, through the fine material can be achieved by the product self-adhesive needs, at present, the domestic production of self-adhesive coil manufacturers a lot, Cold-rolled plate self-adhesive process, a domestic roller barrels of self-adhesive coolingequipment, the basic product requirements can be achieved. Self-adhesive rubber asphalt waterproofing membrane, with pressure sensitivity, peelability and adhesion characteristics, the coil is mainly two types; one is modified asphalt waterproofing membrane for the substrate + pressure sensitive self-adhesive Glue + isolation paper or silicon insulation film composition; one is made of PVC as the substrate + pressure sensitive self-adhesive + isolation paper or silicon insulation film composition. Regardless of the kind of substrate, the requirements should be better heat resistance, low temperature flexibility, a greater tensile strength and elongation at break.

Pressure-sensitive adhesive pressure-sensitive adhesive, at room temperature, a little pressure can make the contact surface to produce the maximum adhesion of the non-drying adhesive. Its role is to modify the asphalt waterproofing membrane with pressure sensitivity and adhesion characteristics. Adhesion has four elements to decide.

Adhesion T; refers to the self-adhesive coil and the sticky material with the lightest pressure, the fastest contact speed immediately after the separation, the interface peel off the force. Adhesive force A refers to the force that is peeled off between the self-adhesive web and the adherend after proper posting. Cohesion C refers to the cohesion of the adhesive layer after the adhesive sheet is adhered. Sticky force K; refers to the force between the pressure sensitive adhesive and the web material. When the four forces to meet the T <A <C <K can have a good adhesion. If A is greater than C, the adhesive layer will be destroyed when the coil is opened. Causing the adhesive layer to stick to the sticky surface or to adhere to the release paper. If C is greater than K, the adhesive layer and the membrane layer will occur off the phenomenon. Self-adhesive modified asphalt waterproofing membrane used in many types of pressure-sensitive adhesives, mainly rubber asphalt type, resin asphalt type, rubber and resin type. What type of adhesive is used depends on the cost economy. Pressure-sensitive adhesive mainly by the polymer, tackifying resin, plasticizer, thickener, solvent and so on. Rubber type self-adhesive also added antioxidants, curing agent and so on. Polymer modified asphalt adhesive with asphalt material, tackifying resin, plasticizer, additives, fillers and so on. No matter what material to use adhesive preparation should meet the following performance; bonding strength ≥ 0.2Mpa; -20 ℃ from the dip layer, φ30 no crack; stripping ≥ 0.15 MPa. Self-adhesive can be divided into the following materials. Such as kerosene + PVC + SBS (oil-filled) + petroleum asphalt. Butyl rubber + petroleum asphalt. EVA + petroleum asphalt. Butyl rubber + SBS (oil-filled) + petroleum asphalt. SBS (oil-filled) + oil asphalt. Among them, butyl rubber, SBS, oil asphalt production of pressure-sensitive adhesive manufacturers mostly. There are some manufacturers use SBS (oil-filled) resin, oil asphalt production pressure-sensitive adhesive, the effect is also very satisfactory.