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Asphalt Pavement

Jan 21, 2017

Refers to the mineral materials in asphalt pavement road paving with asphalt material mixed in the various types of pavement. Aggregates for bituminous binder pave the way for increased resistance and damage capacity of natural factors on pavement, so less dust and waterproof, durable pavement roughness. Therefore, the road of asphalt pavement pavement was the most widely used in the construction.

Asphalt layer in asphalt pavement itself, belongs to the category of flexible pavement, but its base in addition to flexible materials, cement concrete or rigid or semi rigid hydraulic material.

According to archaeological data, have been adopted by the Inca Empire in the 15th century the natural asphalt construction of bituminous macadam road.

United Kingdom between 1832-1838 and coal tar pitch coal-tar in Gloucestershire, built the first gravel road; France in Paris in 1858, built the first natural rock asphalt asphalt gravel by 20th century, paving the way most commonly used materials for asphalt. In 1920, Shanghai, China to begin construction of asphalt pavements. After 1949 with the development of road asphalt production materials industry, are widely used in urban road asphalt pavement and highway, a paved area, China has become the most advanced road.