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1380GSM Biaxial Structure Fiberglass Flow Mat for Bus Roofing

Mar 22, 2018

1380GSM Biaxial Structure Fiberglass Flow Mat for Bus Roofing Basic Info

  • Model NO.: BI600/180/600

  • Function: Strengthen, Rot Proof, Waterproof, Fireproof

  • Fiberglass Mats Certification: ISO

  • Fiberglass Mats Roving in 0/90: 600GSM

  • Chopped Strand: 600GSM

  • Specification: BI600/180/600

  • Fiberglass Mats HS Code: 70193900

  • Type: Fiberglass Mat

  • Material: Fiberglass

  • Fiberglass Mats Total Weight: 1380GSM

  • PP: 180GSM

  • Application: Rtm or Infusion

  • Transport Package: by Roll, Carton and Pallet

  • Origin: China

1380GSM Biaxial Structure Fiberglass Flow Mat for Bus Roofing Product Description

Biaxial structure fiberglass flow mat is a stitch bonded composite reinforcement fabric containing a PP layer inside the fabric. The fabric consists of 4 layers: a PP non-woven layer in the middle, and chopped strands on one side of the PP layer, and roving in 0 and 90 degree on the other side.  

It comes from a combination of the flow medium of the core and the Biaxial structure. It is assembled in a single stitching process. It is designed for the production of composite parts that require a structural element, while at the same time optimizing the resin flow. In particular, it may be used in wind turbine nacelles, bus roofs, and other industrial parts.

It  Improves the mechanical properties of the parts (in terms of torsion, tensile strength, and compression) by the addition of the biaxial. A biaxial provides better mechanical performance than a fabric. (As there is no take-up, there is less resin between the fibers. )
Enables improvement of the surface aspect and chemical resistance due to the addition of a veil.

1380GSM Biaxial Structure Fiberglass Flow Mat for Bus Roofing Technical Data:

2.1Fibre orientationDegrees090Non-wovenCS 
2.2Nominal area weightg/m2300±5%300±5%180±5%600±5%10
2.3Roving/yarn weighttex1200±601200 ± 60-33 subtex150 dtex
2.5Av. filament diameterum1717-13Polyester(textured)
2.6Roving type-Direct roving
Direct roving
-Assembled roving 
2.7Resin compatibility UP, VEUP, VE UP, VE 
2.8Stitching type     Tricot, chain
2.9Space between needles     Gauge 7
2.10Stitching length     4.0mm

1380GSM Biaxial Structure Fiberglass Flow Mat for Bus Roofing Packing & Storage:

Each roll covering by polyethylene plastic bag,then placed into carton and set on pallet,or set on pallet directly.
The pallet shall no be higher than 2 layers.
Product shall be placed under dryness condition and shall no be open the covering membrane until applying.


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