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Waterproofing construction requirements

Jan 21, 2017

Must be in strict accordance with the GB5027-2002 (project quality approval standard) and design requirements. Grass-roots base should have a certain degree of strength, should not shell, loose, uneven surfaces, the roof and the warehouse sewing dust and foreign bodies must be removed. Primary drying, moisture content of less than 8%. Base white with no obvious water mark or a piece of linoleum flat tile 1mx1m on a clean flat surface 3-4H. If linoleum covered not covered by the primary color and the surrounding parts of without watermarks, the moisture has to meet the requirements. Hot melt spray baking melt roll bonding surface. Coil and base can be sticky, viscous or sticky, area with gradient depending on the size, when minimum bonding should be baking shale surface to asphalt melting and covering the shale after, then lap of baking sheet. With the baking, with compacted. Lap must have excess asphalt out. Roll long side lap, bonding is not less than 70mm, viscosity and viscosity not less than 100mm; short lap, with viscosity not less than 100mm, empty shops, viscosity and viscosity not less than 150mm. Using practice should be staggered two-layer coil when 1/3 or 1/2 width, different joints. In roof corners of yin and Yang, gutters, gullies, parts of the roof, lap and your head node, not allowed to fold, hollowing, warping, delamination and slip and other phenomena. Cold sticking method can also be used. Construction quality check observations on their own after completion of construction. Do not put spikes in operation. Construction materials are inflammable, be aware of fire safety and fire-fighting equipment should be available. Storage coil should be erected and ventilating place, avoid insolation, or come into contact with heat sources ...