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Waterproof structure characteristics of the system

Jan 21, 2017

Waterproof structure of polyethylene polypropylene fiber composite waterproofing membrane system can meet the requirements of waterproof engineering of waterproofing systems:

1) structural stability: this is relying on coil surface net structure and cement solidification adhesive directly to the achievement of the structure.

2) watertightness: this relies on the sheet polyethylene core and stability of horizontal impervious structure of adhesive interface implementation.

3) atmosphere: this is dependent on good oxidation resistance, ozone resistance of polyethylene, polypropylene, and roll stability, fully block UV cement structure.

4) mechanical protection: relying on surface enhanced layers and the stable performance of the cement layer of bear.

5) UV protection: borne by the protective layer of cement materials, the construction of coils totally isolated from ultraviolet light.

6) construction feasibility: is provided depending on coil surface enhanced layers of mesh pore and cement solidification adhesive directly to achieve. Waterproofing systems waterproofing roll-roofing and construction in the main structure of the bonding tile and adhesive cement material with a protective layer, so the structure is stable, not diminished with time, while construction does not require the building of low moisture content.

7) feasibility of environmental protection: product is nontoxic, pollution-free, does not pollute the environment in the course of construction.

8) seepage blocking of accidental damage of waterproofing layer: polyethylene polypropylene fiber composite waterproofing membrane products structural waterproofing effectiveness in the application system, rather than ontology of waterproofing material alone to prevent water penetration. Throughout the waterproofing system, layered structure played a role in blocking of leakage water; when coil body accident injury, controlled leakage of coil material so it doesn't form out the total seepage flow, so as to achieve the overall effect of waterproofing.