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Waterproof performance

Jan 21, 2017

1. water resistance

Water resistance refers to the action of water and water infiltration, the performance is essentially the same, the pressure under the action of water impermeability, commonly used indicators such as impermeability and water absorption.

2. temperature stability

Temperature stability means no flowing at a high temperature, do not rise bubble, not sliding, not brittle at low temperature performance, under certain temperature, which will retain the current performance capabilities. Commonly used indicators such as heat resistance, heat resistance.

Aluminium foil surface

Aluminum foil (2)

3. mechanical strength, elongation and fracture resistance

It refers to a waterproof membrane under load and stress cracking or under certain conditions of deformation of continuous performance. Commonly used indicators such as tensile, tensile strength and elongation.

4. flexibility

Maintaining flexibility flexibility refers to the low temperature performance. It is important to ensure ease of construction, not brittle. Commonly used indicators such as flexibility, low temperature bending.

5. atmospheric stability

Atmospheric stability refers to the Sun, heat, ozone and other factors such as chemical media under the action of a long-term comprehensive ability to resist erosion. Resistant to aging, heat retention rates and other indicators.