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Synthesis series

Jan 21, 2017

1. synthetic

Synthesis refers to the synthetic rubber, synthetic resin or both blends as base material, by adding chemical additives and fillers, a certain process of flexible sheet waterproofing membrane. The coil resistance of high tensile strength, high tear strength, high elongation, good heat tolerance, good low temperature flexibility, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and cold application such as superior performance.

Can be divided into: 1, rubber waterproofing membrane. 2, plastic waterproof membrane. 3, rubber blended waterproof coiled material.

Selection of waterproofing membrane on waterproof layer of quality and durable life has great influence, right selection and rational use of waterproofing roof waterproof design of was key to the success of one of the wide variety of waterproofing membrane, performance varied.

1. According to the characteristics of high polymer modified bitumen waterproof membrane, method of its construction (a. heat-melt method b. cold sticking method c. method).

2. waterproof vapor film

Dike waterproofing through steam films is a new type of polymer waterproof material. Speaking from the manufacturing process, technical requirements for steam Dike waterproofing membrane to waterproof material is much higher than the average and from a quality perspective, steam Dike waterproofing membranes also have other functional characteristics of waterproof material does not have. Steam Dike waterproofing membrane in building air tightness, water tightness at the same time, its unique steam, steam rapidly excreted in the structure can be obtained, avoid the breeding ground for mold, protect property values and perfect solution for moisture-proof and people health; water vapor rapidly excreted, conservation, thermal performance, is a healthy and environmentally friendly new energy-saving materials.