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Jan 21, 2017

Polyester chips are dried, melt spinning, preparation of polyester film, polyester bottle and so on. In the melting process, section contains moisture could cause hydrolysis of polyester spinning and fiber quality, and therefore must be dried before spinning, slicing reduce moisture content below 0.01%. Slice spinning drying polyester chips in screw heating and melting, spinning parts of squeezing into the spinning box, filtered by the precise measurement and metering pumps, spray from a spinneret hole spinneret. 0.15~0.30 mm diameter of spinneret hole. The melt stream ejected, cooling air flow cools and solidifies into a filament.

After cooling of the screen depending on the processing process is divided into polyester filament and polyester staple fiber (short silk or polyester).

Polyester filament

When spun staple fibre, multiple lines together, and get wet with oil into barrels. Then by cluster, stretching, curling, heat setting, cutting processes are finished. As in the stretch after 180 ℃ or so at a time of intense heat setting, you can get the strength up to 6cN/dtex above, under 30% of high strength, low elongation elongation of fiber. Polyester staple fiber types: cotton short fibre (38mm) and the wool staple fiber (56mm), respectively, for fiber and wool blended with cotton.