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Regenerated polyester fiber

Jan 21, 2017

Recycled fiber is divided into two main categories: regenerated cellulose fibers and synthetic fibers. Fibres of viscose fiber was the first, then there appears a new regenerated cellulose fiber Lyocell fiber, fiber, cellulose carbamate superconducting viscose fiber, wood fiber and bamboo fiber. Approximately 70% per cent of synthetic fibers of polyester fiber, polyester application in the bottling industry expanded rapidly, renewable synthetic fiber with recycled polyester fibers. Study of regenerated polyester fiber in China, small scale industrial test phase.

Polyester properties

Compared to natural fibers of polyester and low moisture, poor ventilation, poor staining, easily pilling Pilling, stains and other shortcomings. In order to rectify these defects, chemical modification, and physical deformation method. Chemical modified sex method has: ① added has Pro-water group of monomer or low poly body poly ethylene glycol, for copolymer, can improve fiber of moisture rate; II added has antistatic performance of monomer for copolymer, can improve fiber of antistatic and anti-dip dirt performance; ③ added containing p, and containing halogen and antimony of compounds to improved fiber resistance burning performance; II used lower aggregate degrees of polyester spinning to improve anti-pilling capacity; ⑤ and Pro-dye group of monomer (as sulfonate,) for copolymer, to improved fiber of dyeing performance. After a physical deformation of various shaped polyester, with other polymer composite spinning, colored and high-shrinkage polyester fine denier polyester, polyester, and so on.