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Construction adhesive

Jan 21, 2017

Adhesion of polyethylene polypropylene fiber composite waterproofing membrane properties and system determines the selection of bonding material of waterproof structure.

Coil joints using polyurethane adhesives, main choice specially formulated no swelling of waterproofing effect of polyether-type or asphalt-base polyurethane adhesives, ensure the coil is not deformed.

Coil bonding layers can be used non-soluble adhesive polymer modified cement materials, namely cement and pigment paste add glue. This material has a more appropriate tack, better water retention swelling, non-soluble and water resistance. Polymer adhesives are water swelling, blocking the infiltration of water, keep the pigment slurry of cement and vulnerable, to stay hydrated in order to facilitate bonding layer of hydration of cement in solidification.

Structural adhesive layer under effect of cement slurry materials can be used, it can be grass-roots progressive construction moisture content is greater than 9%. Of course, when the moisture content is high, should avoid water evaporation escaping empty drums. Structural elements can also cement adhesive layer on the material, it can be directly painted on the upper surface of the waterproofing membrane construction, followed by layer construction.