Non Woven Geotextiles

Product Details

Nonwoven geotextiles is 100% virgin polyester chips to make fiber, then needle punched reinforcement to get the finished non-woven polyester nonwoven geotextiles rolls.

Characteristics of nonwoven geotextiles :
1) With good mechanical properties and aspect to the drainage performance,
2) Good extension and high resistance to biological, acid and alkali resistance.
3) Aging chemical stability, wide aperture range, tortuous pore distribution
4) Excellent permeation performance and filtration properties.

Applications of nonwoven geotextiles :
Filtration of water conservancy dams and slope protection, channel isolation, impermeable. Highway, railway, airport runway isolation, filatration, drainage, slopes, retaining walls and pavement reinforcement, drainage. Soft foundation treatment of the port engineering, the beach causeway, harbor pier and breakwater reinforced. drainage...

Nonwoven Geotextiles Show and Application:


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